Grand Fire Trine

Those that have Grand Fire Trines have a fairly good reason to be glad, god darn it. For one thing, Louis Armstrong, who often sung about how much he enjoyed living in such a wonderful world, had a grin that would not leave his face and had this Fiery Grand Trine. His Sun was in the sign of Leo, his Moon is in the sign of Aries, and Uranus was in the sign of Sagittarius; these positions all form a trine to one another. Having the Sun in the 5th house in the sign of Leo shows a desire for creativity, drama, and to stand out as unique. People have said that the singer had an engaging personality, and it was important for him to give his best performance. It was also well known that Louis Armstrong was a very kind man who loved young people and got a lot of joy from performing for them.

Individuals born under the sign of the fire are naturally curious, enthusiastic, and eager. Those who are lacking in FIRE lack the vitality and ease of action that characterise those who function within the fiery trigon. Armstrong’s horoscope featured a Fire Grand Trine, which illuminated the Ascendant and contributed to his generally upbeat attitude on life. The Fire Grand Trine is packed to the brim with creative potential, and according to Jung’s typology method, people dominated by FIRE are intuitive and have a spark of divine inspiration within them.

According to “The Art of Predictive Astrology: Forecasting Your Life Events,” an introduction to the field of predictive astrology:

Those with a Grand Fire Trine can be too rash and take too many chances, like a fireman who rushes back into a burning building at great personal risk. They feel like they have nine lives. They can be impulsive, but sometimes can survive things that other people cannot. I had a client who lived through a German concentration camp and went back to Hungary. His Grand Fire Trine and the help of a good astrologer later got him to safety when he needed to escape from the communists. He had good reinforcing squares. He then came to the United States and started a business that became very successful. People with Grand Trines are very lucky, but they also need a driver such as a T-square, to push them along to greatness.

The extroverted type of FIRE sees the world with optimism and a sense of adventure, and they may delight in activities like sightseeing and sports. We may have both extroverted and introverted FIRE, so don’t assume that all those born under the fire are overly confident. FIRE people have difficulty dealing with the typical stresses, day-to-day responsibilities and commitments of adulthood. FIRE finds attention to detail dull and it hinders their ability to see the big picture; furthermore, who wants to be bogged down by the necessities of life anyway? Yet, those with introverted FIRE are held up as examples of inspiring thinkers, artists, and visionaries who push us to be our best.

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