Uranus Transits: 7th House

When Uranus transit’s the 7th house there can be dramatic changes in the area of relationships and sudden making and breaking of partnerships. During this transit, a marriage can go through some unsettling changes and divorce could be sought. Sometimes the changes are exciting and liberating and it happens quickly and unexpectedly. Some people experience love at first sight and get hitched and everything is thrown up into the whirlwind of change. I’ve been in a partnership for 14 years and we met under this same transit, so it does not necessarily mean relations are destined to break. Therefore, a Uranus transit through this house doesn’t always mean a relationship is divorce-prone or uncooperative at this time.

“Uranus in some shape, or form is usually involved with divorce. Pluto breaks down and rebuilds, and Neptune dissolves, but it’s Uranus or Aquarius that breaks out, breaks free, and wants to do its own thing. It doesn’t want to be encumbered. Rarely will anyone ever get divorced without heavy-duty Uranus activation, and that will show in the natal chart as well as in progressions and transits for that time. Also, divorce has got to show somehow in the seventh house, or be tied to the seventh house or to the seventh house ruler.” By Carol Rushman – The Art of Predictive Astrology

If we are staying together for the children’s sake or because of financial reasons like a mortgage, then the transit is likely to be far more challenging. We might find that one of us in the relationship is rebelling against the confines of societal expectations. A normal steady relationship could be hard to maintain during this period. It could represent a time of plenty of change and flux in a steady bond and routines may be constantly shifting. A partner may begin to behave differently and, therefore, shatter the security element in the relationship. It would be pointless to worry about acceptable definitions of a relationship during this transit and try to learn how to be more flexible and progressive.

Uranus is the planet of change; whatever it transits in your chart gets thoroughly shaken up. generally, the changes you experience are unexpected, sudden and powerful. It’s almost impossible to predict exactly what the outcome will be – all that can be said with certainty is that things won’t be the same afterward. When Uranus travels through a house it creates a disruption, excitement and awakenings in areas related to that house…Uranus in the seventh house can bring an abrupt end to a marriage or prompt a sudden unconventional relationship. By Sky Alexander – Magickal Astrology: Understanding Your Place in the Cosmos

Uranus transits usually indicate restlessness and the need for freedom and space. A long-term marriage may experience a bout of frustration and will probably need to be taken to a new level to avoid it becoming stale. A breakthrough in a relationship is another possibility and normal patterns of relating are about to change. Often the people we attract are different and we learn how to relate differently. I joined an astrology group for the first time during this transit! The ability to cope with the constant flux in the relationship during this seven-year stretch of Uranus is often needed.

Whatever the scenario a certain amount of detachment and objectivity is helpful, and this doesn’t mean cold detachment, but a free-spirited attitude to social interactions. In all relationships, personal and public, expect the unexpected! It can be an exciting time in the area of one-to-one relating. We often need to refresh our view in a committed partnership and even challenge ourselves to see our mate like it’s the very first time. A renewed perspective is usually taken and there are surprises, and if you are not in a committed relationship–there’s a need for freedom or an unconventional arrangement.

7th house Uranian transits are known for being “divorce” transits. Not everyone will get a divorce of course. Sometimes it just means your spouse does something unexpected or changes some important element in his or her life. Job change is one thing that happens. Other times it can be an alteration in the quality of your relationship. One client of mine had a marriage that had gone sour over long years. Each partner had a “lover” and she sought my advice when her latest affair ended. She asked if I saw divorce in her chart, I told her sure, but it didn’t have to be that way. Her husband wasn’t happy with their life either, so they locked the door one weekend, turned off the phone and talked for hours. At the end of it they decided they already had partners they liked better than anyone else and they wanted to work on their marriage. A big problem had been communication. Neither was very good at it so they decided to force themselves to talk to each other and stay together. They are still together as far as I know and that was many years ago. As I told her, the Uranus transit said that they could be coming to an end. They had to change direction if they wanted to continue together because the old way wasn’t working. So they did. Pat Giesler