A Virgo has a highly developed sense of correctness and order, and it often has to weigh this against the imperfections and the chaos that form a part of everyday life. In their attempt to get everything right, the sign sometimes jeopardizes what is really important to them. Virgo has a strong need to use their extraordinary powers of discrimination, together with their immense capacity for digesting information, to help make both the self and the world around them more efficient and effective. In evolutionary terms, Virgo is learning to perfect and refine themselves as a vessel for service so that they can take part in life.

“Virgo,” said Alexo, “Is all about working and relating to time. The basic demand is to have routine, to work to a set time. Many horologists have Virgo strong in their charts, ticking the hours away as they worked on their clocks…While he first five zodiac signs belong tot he sense of  ‘I’ and ‘Me’, the actions and emotions of the ‘self’, the Sixth Zodiac Sign of Virgo, gives practical values, of serving others, to care and share, to understand that not all things are perfect in the world and that a broken toy can be mended, not just tossed to one side. THE PSYCHOLOGY OF URANUS.

Virgo represents the principle of analysis and is associated with the development of the critical faculty. Whenever we accumulate information and sort through it, using our mental powers of evaluation and discrimination, we are exercising our Virgo function. Virgo enables us to select what is relevant to our purpose and reject that which has no practical value.

Putting life in working order is a must for the neatest sign of the zodiac. The analyzer wants to find ways to solve problems before disaster strikes, it won’t wait for a situation to spin dangerously out of control. It will analyze the little things which can go wrong before the crisis looms. No one is more discriminating than a Virgo, they like to classify, order, and synthesize, bringing together different parts, and selecting how it all works together.

Like Gemini, Virgo is ruled by Mercury, but where Gemini likes to collect information for its own sake, for Virgo knowledge is only relevant if it is useful and serves a purpose. The Virgo mind often works overtime trying to put its thoughts and ideas into some kind of order. One way to know the details of something is to take it apart. The Virgoan likes to break things down into many interrelated pieces, and then study each piece intently while learning how that particular part is meant to function. Virgo’s deepest motivation the need to be needed, to feel useful. And being an earth sign it likes security, and security is often found through being of practical use in the world.

Virgo is the student and observer of life. Another trait of a Virgo is that they can be obsessive, this could be about tidiness and order in obvious ways, but they can also be obsessive about emotional orderliness and tidiness. The sign thinks it knows better ways to do just about anything, the methods that they are willing to teach others to perfect. Social service is somewhat an act of healing to the analyzer since they try to do things which help make life better for all. Virgo thinks mainly of what will provide the best practical results, for many people and not just for themselves.

In human relationships, Virgo is thoughtful, solicitous and kind. Even the manner in which Virgo criticizes is meant to be helpful and constructive, for they want their loved ones to be the best and as pure as they can. Virgo is devoted, but not sentimental, highly sensual, but not given to dramatic passions. Their charm is subtle and alluring. The sign of Virgo is where we discriminate and bring order to that part of our life. Where we are learning to sharpen our critical faculties.

Above all, Virgo is the enemy of faulty thinking and delusion, favoring down-to-earth solutions to life and shuns anything impractical, only interested in what is workable. It is necessary to sort out what we need, what is useful, and serves a purpose to what is outgrown and no longer useful for us. To sort the wheat from the chaff. In Virgo, we find the spirit of self-improvement and work that involves improving life.