Venus in the 4th House

2412017Venus in the 4th house adores the home environment and has a lot of love for their private space. This placement shows an individual that likes to create a beautiful domestic setting and have loved ones living in a warm and loving situation. Venus here can create affectionate attachments in the family sphere, and they possess a love of ease and need for a comfortable lifestyle. Instinctively knowing how to create an appealing atmosphere in the household, they may value the home in such a way that, all of their income is spent on making the home a place of beauty and charm. Venus in this position may feel especially affectionate about their roots, whether home and family, ancestors or history in general. The fourth house describes our background, family, home, inner- world and private life. Venus in the 4th house adores pleasant surroundings, and they may enjoy interior decorating, entertaining at home, painting, music, gardening, art collecting, or any other creative outlet in their familiar surroundings. The home may even be a kind of art gallery for all of their beautiful collections.

Venus in the 4th house is a fortunate position and unless other horoscope factors are present, stating otherwise, it can show a happy childhood, contented family life and a loving relationship with the father. However, this feeling is sometimes an unconscious one, and with Venus as the significator for Dad, then he may have been perceived as an easy-going man, handsome, charming. It could even signify a parental figure who completely avoided conflict in the home. The Venus in 4th house individual may also have a fear of causing disruption in the home and will want to maintain a harmonious and pleasant environment, and cannot live in a domestic setting filled with stress, strife, and discord.

In the fourth house Venus tends to bring harmony to the home situation and to interpret one’s sense of rootedness in a family, land, a tradition in terms of one’s responsibility to bring the values they contain to fruition. A certain degree of introversion may be valuable, for the individual has to impart meaning to his feelings. The Astrological Houses: The Spectrum of individual Experience

The father and, in general, the early childhood may have been creative, prosperous and a source of joy for the individual. Venus in the 4th house could indicate the past, teeming with material comforts and parental affection. The person might have a family background where the women – sisters, aunts, cousins and other female relatives played a major role. Furthermore, the individual’s sense of values and self-worth come from the people and early events from their childhood. Those with Venus here could even inherit benefits or receive a nice inheritance from the parents.

Venus in the 4th house needs to have security in the home, and it may show someone who is possessive, jealous and overprotective of loved ones, especially if Venus is challenged. The individual sometimes looks for a partner who also enjoys being at home, and they will enjoy romantic and cozy evenings in together. The partner may be someone they have known from the past, and they may want someone who can value the past and family tradition, an interest in roots and heritage. The partner might have had a sense of familiarity from the beginning of the relationship, and the expression of love for this individual may be very deep and private.