Mercury in Gemini

2407566Mercury in Gemini understands life through learning about everything and eagerly pursues each new idea that comes along. They have an intense curiosity about diverse subjects, combined with picking up odd pieces of information about a wide variety of topics.

Mentally quick, they are able to link disparate information fast and form conclusions, excelling in languages and all subjects that involve communication skills – typing, computers, writing, or journalism. They want to gather as much information as possible, thus acquiring a great breadth of knowledge over a lifetime.

Learning for its own sake can be a joy, but learning to keep focused and disciplining their mental restlessness may prove a difficult task. So many things fight for their attention that they are easily distracted and overstimulated by too many options. Gemini people are avid readers and enjoy dabbling in anything which they can lay their hands on. Usually, they like a busy environment involving all sorts of stimuli – television, radio, the internet, telephone, conversation, newspapers and magazines.

Here, in the sign of its rulership, Mercury is strongly placed, implying an agile mind and one open to new ideas and experimentation…Curious and easily bored, this individual may have the capacity to process a great of stimuli at the same time. Typically, the individual will be a great talker and always on the go, dashing from A to B, thinking on their feet and talking with their hands. The Contemporary Astrologer’s Handbook (Astrology Now)

Mercury in Gemini learns best when provided with constant new material and stimulating intellectual challenges. Communication is central and they have many friends to share opinions with. They are great at witty comebacks, love word-plays, and funny lines. Quite often, the individual even enjoys talking to themselves, and there is always a constant conversation happening in their heads.

The person is more concerned with facts and is generally well educated, knowledgeable on many subjects and finds it easy to communicate. Furthermore, they have inventive minds and find new solutions to older problems, and their hands can be quite dexterous, so they are able to do a number of jobs at once. Possessed with the gift of the gab, they are also good at talking their way out of situations, and the mind is keen and alert, but can become bored easily, unless something stimulating comes along.

The mind also works much faster than most people, and they are more concerned with logic than personal bias. Mercury in Gemini often has the compulsion to understand why things work the way they do. The individual enjoys exploring their environment, making connections, contrasting and comparing one thing with another. They are articulate and logical, but there is a tendency towards babbling, simply for the sake of talking. Developing continuity and learning to finish projects is a great learning curve for them. However, with their many gifted qualities and clever and agile mind, they will always do well in anything that allows them to connect information, people, and situations together.