Moon Conjunct, Square, Opposite Venus

Moon Conjunct, Square, Opposite Venus

Those with Moon conjunct, square or opposite Venus have a need for love, social contacts, and for loving relationships. Everybody needs these things, but there is a great amount of insecurity around these issues and the need to be loved. Moon-Venus contacts are often wrapped up in the need for affection, understanding, and for a desire of a harmonious home life. To achieve this, the individual can be over adaptive to the needs of loved ones, trying to please everybody all of the time.

People with these contacts need to relate to others easily and desire to please emotionally, avoiding conflict and strife. Moreover, they hate rudeness, vulgarity, and obscene behavior and have a deep sensitivity for  justice, fairness, and equality. The contact is attracted to social parties, events, and gatherings. Sometimes it equates with a powerful need for popularity and to be favored by friends, family, and loved ones. When the Moon is challenged by Venus there is an obvious split between the nurturing, maternal, caring side of the personality and the erotic, flirtatious, tempestuous part and it can create an attraction to affairs outside of the family unit.

Those with difficult Moon-Venus aspects may feel some conflict between family bonds and relationships. There is often a lot of insecurity bound up in this area. The person needs to be loved, and to feel loved, to have close and affectionate bonds, but they feel easily rejected and vulnerable to slights and deeply susceptible to feeling unloved.

For some reason, people with the hard aspects between these planets often do feel unloved or abandoned in early life, even though such abandonment or rejection seldom occurs without the input of heavier planets – although with the hard contacts there can sometimes be a history of physical affection being lacking, depending on the signs involved. Aspects in Astrology: A Guide to Understanding Planetary Relationships in the Horoscope

Feelings are tender, expressed beautifully, with an innate charming aspect to the emotional expression. Many love affairs are sensual, pleasant, and extremely romantic, but sometimes these amorous feelings can be excessive or over-sweet. The hard aspects show a conflict between what one desires and what one needs. This aspect reveals a great capability to fall in love easily, but they can also be prone to jealousy and rivalry, which frequently happens in their personal life.

The individual with this contact possesses plenty of artistic sensitivity and often considers themselves to have excellent taste, especially in interior designing. They really do have have a natural feel and instinct for color, beauty, art, comforts, and luxury. In addition, there is a strong female element to this contact, and it usually means that women play a pivotal role for better or worse, depending on other chart factors. Motherly figures, sisters, aunties, daughters are all important. The individual may even receive many benefits through females. Sometimes it can reflect issues about being feminine, and with the square and opposition, it may show issues one is carrying around about being a woman.

The only thing to look out for with this contact is being self-indulgent, and those cravings for too many sweets things at the expense of diet, discipline and, more importantly, health. The person may run to a box of chocolates when the Moon part of the personality is feeling  out of sorts, insecure and vulnerable and is in need of some emotional soothing. It is the Venusian things she craves: clothing, sweets, music, art, flowers, jewelry, and beautiful things. For this reason, finances may suffer at times, and they don’t handle adversity well. This may stem from being over-cushioned and never falling too hard (depending on aspects to the Moon, of course). They may try to attract physical security and possess a strong desire to be loved and protected from poverty, and the person usually enjoys giving and receiving gifts.