Saturn Square Neptune Aspect

saturn square neptune aspectQuestion: Is Saturn square Neptune aspect good for artists?

The Saturn-Neptune aspect has been pointed out to be an excellent auger for artists. It is thought to contain the grounding nature and anchoring of Saturn combined with the artistic, glamorous, and dreamy tendencies of  Neptune. Moreover, it is a common aspect shared by many people, and manifests itself in tangible form in the elusive world of the collective unconscious, and it is about grounding idealism.

Astrologer Liz Greene commented on this aspect in reference to the charts of musicians, entertainers, and filmmakers. It is an aspect drawn to anything where collective feelings can be evoked. Usually, it means Neptunian waters must be embodied, materialized, and made incarnate. Saturn in astrology gives us perseverance, steadfastness, patience and ultimate physical rewards. Also, Greene noted that more powerful Neptune aspects alongside Saturn-Neptune, such as Sun-Neptune, Moon-Neptune or Neptune on the Ascendant as an indication of the artistic nature.

 Neptune is the True Mystic and Devotee

  • In Astrology, Neptune is the true mystic and devotee and is like thousands of mirrors in the ocean revealing everybody’s dreams, memories, and reflections (Jungian prose).  However, it can be something of a difficult contact since Saturn erects boundaries against the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto).
  • This aspect brings together themes of duty and sacrifice, perceptions of failure, burdens, and sadness. There is a yearning for higher meaning, unity, and connection with the transpersonal realm, but we must also contend with the forces of reality and separation.
  • Even though it can bring the imagination into form, it can also show up unrealistic fantasies. It can be a difficult watery bridge to cross as there exists a disparity between higher ideals and actual reality. Dreams meet with realism, and a sobering quality meets with the fantastical realm of Neptune. Neptune can also dissolve Saturn’s structures, making it a more difficult overpass to cross.

Saturn Square Neptune Aspect

Richard Tarnas calls this contact the ideal and real, pointing out that there is an underlying archetypal theme, and clarifying the tension between these two radically different realms. Here is a brilliant article by the author on the Saturn in aspect to Neptune.

 “On the one side, Saturn is associated with the principle of limit and finitude, the literal material and temporal world of concrete empirical reality; with realism, hard fact, mortality, the dark and problematic aspects of existence; with the impulse towards gravity, judgement, and discipline; with contraction, constriction, and endings; and with the establishing of strict boundaries, defined structures, and tense polarities. On the other side, associated with Neptune are the spiritual, ideal, and imaginative dimensions of life; the subtle, the intangible, and the invisible; the impulse to dissolve boundaries and structures in favor of underlying unities and undifferentiated wholes; and tendencies towards illusion, delusion, and escapism. In all of the following examples, for further simplicity and clarity of analysis, we will consider only those with Saturn and Neptune in hard, quadrature aspect—conjunction, opposition, or square.”

One of the most relevant parts of this article is when the author notes the collision of the drab and ordinary life with the ecstatic heights of the artist. Here is quote from the text, particularly relevant for this topic

 “It is through Art, and through Art only, that we can realize our perfection; through Art and Art only that we can shield ourselves from the sordid perils of actual existence.”

The highest vibration of Saturn is to rise up to our responsibilities and to carry our burdens and materialize aims. However, we do have Saturnian “time” colliding with Neptune’s “timelessness,” boundaries with the boundless and it challenges any individual to integrate the concrete and the transcendent, the practical and the ideal, the social and the spiritual whole. In Neptune, one can become submerged in the unconscious realm and mystical forces, while Saturn asks for a more conscious approach and a stronger foundation. One can find painful isolation and also a longing to escape from reality. My favorite way to term this aspect is probably best encapsulated by saying it represents the often ‘unbridgeable’ gap between one’s dreams and actuality.

“The figures speak with the voice of millions when they express an emotion which is unique to them personally yet is also common to all. We don not all express genius in this way, nor can we express madness; however, for those individuals who have Saturn-Neptune contacts, there is always the brief glimpse of genius or madness, the plunge into the water for the brief experience of Neptunian ecstasy. By Liz Greene

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