Mercury in the 7th House

Mercury’s placement in the 7th house highlights the necessity of exchanging and accumulating knowledge. As a result of this, a placement like this is able to form partnerships, as well as provide effective counselling and advice, as well as receive and give feedback. Those who have Mercury in this sector may wish to convey to the general public the impression that they are knowledgeable in their field and that they are well-informed in their particular area of expertise. Alternately, the person will engage in frequent verbal exchanges, debate, and the sharing of information. There is also the possibility of possessing a remarkable gift for psychological analysis and understanding how the minds of others work. Last but not least, they take pleasure in having others listen to their perspectives and frequently show appreciation for the verbal or written presentations made by others.

In most cases, a 7th house Mercury has a strong interest in people, which enables them to understand the concerns and interests of the general public as well as the general public’s awareness of those things. A person with this skill set is able to speak on behalf of others, making them an ideal candidate for the role of mediator. It is a sign of someone who is successful in public relations or agency work, and it also indicates that they are likely to be successful in law, sales, or consulting. They feel psychologically energised as a result of the connections they have with other people, and they have a strong desire to assist or counsel other people with their problems. Mercury in this position requires intellectual stimulation in relationships above all else, and they are attracted to intelligent and vocal people with whom they can discuss academic interests and learn new things.

According to The Plain Vanilla Astrologer

People with Mercury in the 7th house usually seek mentally stimulating relationships. Sometimes the partner is a Mercurial type, having this planet (or Gemini and Virgo emphasized) in the chart. Occasionally the partner may be highly strung or even mentally unstable (particularly with afflictions from Uranus or Neptune or Pluto). Initially the attraction is likely to be towards the partner’s mental creativity, the stimulating companionship he or she provides, and the combined exchange of ideas. The individual may be seeking an intellectual as a partner in order to fulfill his or her neglected abilities in this direction. A 7th house Mercury also indicates that the individual may require constant change and variety in his (or her) relationship. So Mercury in this position is not always the best indicator for long-term partnerships. Perhaps because of the eternal-child quality of this planet, the individual with a 7th house Mercury sometimes has a much younger partner. However, the usual qualities of the partner, and sometimes to the fact that he or she is involved in journalism or education, for instance, two professions typical of Mercury. 

If a person with Mercury in the seventh house does not have sufficient mental self-assurance in their own thoughts and opinions, they are likely to delegate their thinking to another person. They might even think that other people are smarter and better at expressing themselves than they are. Planets that are located in the seventh house are susceptible to being given away to other people, either knowingly or unknowingly, due to the fact that this sphere is also in charge of governing our projections. People who have Mercury positioned in this house tend to be overly concerned with what other people think of them, and as a result, they are constantly looking for mental company.

Howards Sasportas says,

With Mercury in the 7th, many problems can be ‘worked through’ if they are discussed and analyzed. Some people with this placement may be fairly (or should I say ‘unfairly’?) critical and judgmental about ‘those little things’ which their partner’s do which annoy them. Fortunately, the antics of the god of Mercury remind us that a sense of humor about such things is the great balancer.

People whose Mercury is placed in the 7th house have the ability to pique the interest of others in the subject at hand. People who are looking for information may find it helpful if they have someone acting as a go-between for them. In a similar vein, they can pick up quite a bit from interacting with other people and gravitating toward settings where people talk to one another, share their thoughts, and trade concepts. In either scenario, there is a significant amount of information that needs to be taught, learned, and communicated, and the ability to speak, write, and build communication with others is a skill that needs to be developed.

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