Moon-Pluto Transits: Woman’s Evolution

Pluto conjunct, square, trine, and opposite the Moon in transit habitually ends one chapter in our lives and begins another. For example, a woman can give birth for the first time in life, and children are a massive change in a female’s psychology, indicating the ending of one way of being and the beginning of a new one. The transition into first-time motherhood is an emotional and physical transformation for any woman, and these transits often change the female role drastically.

Many other life-altering events that occur under a Moon-Pluto transit include hysterectomies, uncovering a life-threatening illness, suffering from a family bereavement, or experiencing an abusive relationship. The woman may experience trouble getting pregnant, sexual problems, miscarriage, or an abortion. At every level, there is a deep and profound loss of a powerful kind.

Both men and women are more prone to sliding into deep depression under Moon-Pluto transits and not really understanding why. In Greek mythology, Hades (Pluto), lord of the underworld is reckoned to a descent into hell, and we are never the same again. As we change in significant ways. Pluto transits may pull us down into depression and trauma, but any kind of loss also asks for a period of grieving for what has passed and this is a natural part of the process. We might be less innocent about the world after a Plutonian event, but one thing is for sure – we are indefinably changed forever after an emotional loss. Pluto transits are long-lasting and profound and in one lifetime, it may travel a third of the chart. In astrology, the Moon relates to the mother and to all the other women in our lives and so we sometimes find that life-altering changes are happening to them.

A new life cannot be formed until old forms have been removed. The Plutonian death-rebirth sequence of transformation often means that we have to recognize the new forms of growth that are appearing. Old forms of existence are outgrown, but we are imbued in the present with depth and maturity. We reach the depths of Pluto and emerge from the experience with more life, experience a newfound understanding at every level. Pluto transits signify leaving one level of existence for another, and this usually means that we let go of something in our lives – sometimes it is forced. Moon-Pluto transits can also bring some form of crisis into our personal lives, and during this time we will experience our emotional life and body intensely and there might be literal or figurative life and death issues to deal with. We may be even trying to keep our dark and despairing feelings repressed and trying to push them deeper down.

By going underground we understand ourselves at deeper and deeper levels and there is quite frequently an emotional eruption of some kind taking place, a release of toxic feelings that have usually been sitting there too long in the body. This could reveal itself when we are overwhelmed and our emotional reactions are far out of proportion to the actual event. With difficult Moon-Pluto transits, there may be some nasty experiences with women and a female may enter the life that is poisonous, venomous, and betrays us on some level. Moon-Pluto may be experienced through another woman who has strayed with our partner or husband. Men commonly experience such transits through wives and lovers and mothers, and some meet either a life-changing relationship with a woman or form a union with a female they’ll later come to regret.

Moon-Pluto transits often signify that this is a good time to get involved with studies involving the deeper levels of the psyche, and clearing away the old emotional baggage that we have been holding onto for far too long. Plutonian movements represent significant periods of soul growth and/or transformation period in our lives. The first experience may mean going underground after an experience of loss, sorrow, pain, separation, or grief of any kind. And while we may hate the changes that happen to us, hopefully, we’ll come out wiser afterward and feel that we have gained a rich storehouse of inner experience that will take us toward the future in a brand new way.