Sun-Neptune Transits: Longing for Something More

ec8ed5b033bd84061ea6cb819c9260deThe Sun is the centre of life and the source of life on earth. The Sun reflects a part of us that needs to ‘shine’ and express who we essentially are. This focal part of us represents our identity, vitality and imbues our life with meaning and a sense of purpose. We all have a calling to fulfill our deepest purpose, and our passions in life make us feel alive, animated, and dynamic. We want to get up every day and express our unique gifts. The Sun is associated with the active, creative force of life, and is seen as an essentially masculine energy, which all of us possess. When Neptune transits the Sun there is a sensitizing of the self, consciousness expands, and boundaries fall away. For most people this can be a confusing time around their life direction and there is a serious identity crisis. It denotes a period of self-doubt and confusion, and we are not so sure about our sense of worth, and losing a sense of who one is may lead to being exploited and feeling out of touch with reality.

Sensitivity, Vulnerability and Psychic Experiences

When transiting Neptune conjuncts, squares or opposes the natal Sun in our horoscope, it represents a duration in our lives when we are unduly sensitive, vulnerable and moody. The transit may bring serious problems if we abuse drugs and alcohol, and this is a time we may lose our sense of objectivity, focus and sound judgement. The transit frequently brings a profound sense of disappointment, discouragement and disillusionment, and there is often a strong urge to escape from the world. We are super-sensitive, spiritually, psychically, and physically, and so have to be careful not to fall apart during this time, and try to keep some hold of reality. There is also a chance that we might become overwhelmed by feelings and emotions that do not belong to us, but like the great sea, the solid world and what appears to be reality shifts and changes shape, enriching us with a newer, broader and more inclusive perspective at this point in our life. However, the dissolution and the movement of this cycle can be frightening and disillusioning, eroding boundaries and changing our sense of reality dramatically.

We are more sensitively attuned to the world and open to psychic phenomena, and experience an unbearable longing for something unknown and unseen. This is a highly psychic period and we may have more vivid dreams, stronger intuition, and important revelations. We are highly receptive to spiritual subjects like astrology, dreamwork, afterlife, religion or mysticism. We are remarkably creative and inspired right now, and it’s a time we discover a sense of peace and happiness in our life. This is also a good time to involve ourselves with psychotherapy and explore the inner depths of the ocean, and the transits of Neptune can powerfully transform our world.

Falling Hook, Line and Sinker for Somebody

Neptune transits to the Sun could be a time when we ‘lose’ ourselves in another person. We become ‘hooked’ on a relationship and cannot see its flaws. Our sense of devotion is powerful, and in relationships it can incline us towards intense idealisation of another, and we may make needless sacrifices for them. We may even find ourselves at the hands of a “selfish” and domineering partner, child, parent or friend. The Sun rules significant men in our lives and so we may see Neptune enacted in his world. The Sun is the archetypal father image, the ‘heroic principle’ and is usually associated with the male role models in the family and parental line. As a result, we may become more suggestible to a male partner under a Sun-Neptune transit.

We have to be careful under such transits of romantic illusions and confusions in our romantic involvements. The presence of Neptune often creates a situation wherein we feel overwhelmed by our emotions over a certain man in our life; finding it difficult to see him as he really is. Sometimes this transit often coincides with the worst disillusions in our life involving men. Under Neptune transits, there is always a sense of personal suffering born out of conflicting feelings and our own personal longings for a relationship with the masculine. Idealization can make a practical relationship nearly impossible, but the Neptunian kind of partnership is only potentially unhealthy on account of its saviour-victim tendencies. Men undergoing this transit may find themselves with  a woman who swamps their identity, or they might become involved with men in their life who are very ‘Neptunian’ in nature.

Unreliability, Weakness and Suffering in his Life

When a Neptune transit to the Sun occurs in transit it may suggest problems with the father in the form of unreliability, instability, weakness or illness. This is often a time when the father is emotionally or physically absent or is suffering in some way. In a woman’s horoscope, her husband may even experience some problems with deception, addiction to drugs and alcohol, or sickness. A significant male in a woman’s or man’s life may become the victim of the outer world and misunderstood in some way. It could indicate the frustrated artist, unlived dreams and a general feeling of dissatisfaction.

Longing for a Sense of Meaning in our Lives

Many people under this transit feel that their dreams have not amounted to much and this can leave them drowning in despair; fearful of what the future holds. In astrology, the Sun rules our sense of purpose and direction, and it is through the Sun that we derive a sense of personal meaning in life. It is common for those under this transit to feel a plague of nagging discontent, disillusionment, and apathy may undermine everything they try to do. Neptune transits to the Sun can suggest a bitter disappointment, and even the surrendering of a lifelong dream, so when Neptune is transiting our Sun – we long to be somewhere else and even be someone else.

We become dissatisfied with our reality, and our otherworldly longings are heightened so it is not uncommon for people to want to live out their dreams. We may want to be creative, travel the world, and fall intoxicatingly in love with someone. When Neptune transits the Sun our dreams and longings are very strong, – similar to that of the ocean’s tides. Once swept away we can never fully return to what existed before and we may be tempted into unhealthy escape mechanism in order to avoid our pain, and leave the harsh realities and limitations of life.

The oceanic pull of Neptune is like the sirens of myth, and these beautiful creatures resided on the rocks of the ocean and sang harmonious melodies to approaching ships. The sailors could not help but be seduced by such illuminating beauty, but once they followed the sirens’ song, they sank to their deaths and were never heard of again. This is evident with Neptune’s transits and we may be easily tempted and seduced by a lover, drugs, or alcohol, but these self-destructive urges infuse us with a sense of pain, frustration and disillusionment and severe loss of hope as we sink to the bottom, especially if our dreams and longing are unrealized. The Sun rules the life force, and around this time we may feel lacking in energy, and many people look under the weather and become quite tired easily. We feel disorientated, dependent and more uninterested than normal.

Involving Ourselves with Dance, Photography, Art or Music

The creative aspect in life ought to be more apparent now, and this is a wonderful time to involve ourselves in art, music, imaginative writing, drama, photography and film making, this will also help to lift our spirits. This can be a dreamy time and we are more loving and expansive or inspired than before. Serving and helping others who are less fortunate than ourselves is another constructive outlet for this energy. However, there is the danger of being overly ‘selfless’ in our behaviour and falling into the trap of martyrdom or becoming a welcome doormat for every stray figure. Under Neptune, we are easily swept away by powerful emotions and feelings, and there is the danger of being too gullible and open to other people’s influence. There is a growing identification with the healer and saviour archetype, and an increased receptivity to all. The positive manifestation is to aim for spiritual insight and get involved with those who are suffering, without losing one’s own sense of self in the process.

Living the Dream

Neptune transits to the Sun are an enlightening time. Under the trine aspect of Neptune, we often get what we have been longing for all our life and it can make for a wonderful and uplifting period. The sentimental platitude of dreams coming true can be applied. We are able to make sacrifices in our life more easily. There may an interest in universal welfare and concerns. We have a spiritual experience that feels elevating to the physical body. A natural sense of disappointment may also be apparent with the softer aspects, but our deepest yearnings in life are closer to the surface.

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