Moon-Neptune Transits: Powerful Feelings Rise to the Surface

90a66e9f600fdb9c97b0a9156d6fff88When Neptune transits the Moon we feel more empathetic towards others and our sensitivity is increased. We feel a powerful compassion for those in pain and suffering. We also have a deeper understanding of the need for unconditional love, and this feeling isn’t only connected to our immediate family it goes much farther. Still, our own needs for love and nourishment may rise to the surface expressing itself through a more emotionally hungry and vulnerable nature.

We long for the kind of emotional nourishment that is fulfilling and absolute, but others may also sense our highly sensitized nature. Strays from all walks of life find their way to our doorsteps looking for sympathy, help, and understanding. We need to set limits and learn how to say no to people, otherwise, this may represent a time where we feel emotionally drained and used. Drawing boundaries and separating ourselves emotionally is extremely difficult under transits of Neptune. We feel profoundly connected to others and want to help them in any way we can, but there has to be a line drawn in the sand. Still, this can be incredibly hard because our emotions are easily swayed by the plights of everyone around us. Neptune transiting the Moon symbolizes powerful feelings rising to the surface that threaten to rock us emotionally and overwhelm. We experience deep feelings that we have been previously unaware of and discover that something has touched us more deeply than we have cared to acknowledge in the past.

Need to be Needed

Sea_Beach_Ground_PNG_ClipartSometimes it can represent an over-emotional time and our feelings expand reaching mythic proportions. It would be wise to examine if we are attracted to the role of the savior or martyr at this time. Our need to be needed by others may become overwhelming, but too much ‘selfless’ behavior may build up to an emotional storm at some point. We may also experience a good deal of confusion at these times, and it may be difficult to separate our own basic needs and feelings from everybody else’s. It becomes extremely difficult clarifying and sifting through the mass of emotions that rise up.

Discrimination is easier said than done under a Neptune transit, but we have to be super-careful of people taking advantage of us at such an emotionally vulnerable time in our life. We are somewhat psychically frail and fragile under these transits, and more susceptible to being emotionally bruised by life’s harsher realities. The emotional skin becomes finer and more transparent and so dealing with the emotional reality of a situation is an uphill battle. When Neptune influences our emotions we see what we want to see, not what is really there. Emotional honesty is something we may need to examine, and this could be a time to feel emotionally deceived by others, or even by ourselves. We should avoid drugs and alcohol around this time and any other means of negative escape.

Drowning in Emotion

Sea_Beach_Ground_PNG_ClipartThis is a time when many of our emotional weakness and blind spots are felt more acutely. There is a deep vulnerability to life, and our emotions are opened wide. It’s like everybody in the world has a boarding pass into our sense of emotional well-being, and this can feel very uncomfortable. We long to drown our emotions into something which is fulfilling, but things may have not turned out how we imagined. It is common to feel emotionally dissatisfied at home, in our personal relationships, and with our feeling life in general. We might even get into a difficult and complex emotional relationship with someone that we cannot have on one level or another, and so an insufferable longing plagues us day and night.

Needing to Rescue

Sea_Beach_Ground_PNG_ClipartUnder this transit, we might have to sacrifice something in our personal lives, give something up, or undergo physical and emotional problems of some kind. It could be a time when we feel more reclusive and are feeling sad or depressed. Moon-Neptune transits tend to play havoc with our emotions, but it will bring us more in touch with our capacity for compassion, understanding, and forgiveness. In personal relationships, we also have to look out for being drawn into an abusive relationship or with an apparently selfish and domineering partner who puts us in the role of martyr and savior. Our need to be needed may be so overwhelming that we sacrifice our own needs to be in this relationship, and we feel that deep inside this person is redeemable. We don’t want to end up in a relationship with a “bad” partner and end up in the role of the long-suffering lover or spouse.

Moon-Neptune transits conjure feelings of guilt for not loving somebody for all their qualities, and so we seek a feeling of ‘goodness,’ unconditionally loving someone, regardless of their flaws, and sacrificing our needs so that our significant other is happier. However, if this is hurting us, in the long run, we need to look at what we really need in our life to be happy. We may feel bad if we are “selfish” and don’t give others what they want. However, this is the power of the transit at work, and others unhappiness assumes gigantic proportion. Under these transits, emotional independence can bring up a sense of guilt, and others may manipulate us into feeling this way by making us feel guilty for even attempting to be emotionally separate and to live our own lives.

Emotionally Needy

Sea_Beach_Ground_PNG_ClipartThe Moon rules the domestic life and all females, and so our relationships with women may change at this time. The women we know may be going through a Neptunian phase during this period. Maybe it’s a time in life when our mother falls ill, feels deceived, or is feeling particularly vulnerable. Perhaps she is hard to get hold of and could be acting emotionally unstable and irrational. Such women in our life at this time may be appearing strange, frail, helpless and terribly needy. Equally our mother may find herself involved in more spiritual pursuits and is seeking to help others who are in greater need. In our domestic life (Moon), we may long to redecorate and make our home more ideal and feel frustrated and disappointed if we are unable to make this dream a reality. We want our home-life to be more perfect and refuse to accept it the way it really is. However, this attitude may lead to further disappointment.

Loving and Understanding

Sea_Beach_Ground_PNG_ClipartWhen the Moon meets Neptune the imagination is extra fertile and the creative expression longs for some kind of outlet. Our psychic senses are also more powerful and as our boundaries loosen, we may be open to prophetic dreams and visions. Under the softer transits of the sextile and trine, we feel more spiritually attuned to life, and at one with all nature. We are sensitive, empathetic and loving in a more balanced way. We appreciate beautiful surroundings and we might even realize a personal dream involving our emotional, domestic, and maternal life.