Moon-Neptune Transits: Powerful Feelings Rise to the Surface

When Neptune transits over the Moon, it heightens our capacity for compassion and makes us more perceptive to the feelings of others around us. This profound empathy for the plight of others extends far beyond our own families; we have a new appreciation for the importance of unconditional love. However, our underlying desire for affection and support may arise, revealing itself in a more hungry and vulnerable part of the personality.

While others may be able to detect our heightened sensitivity, we yearn for the kind of emotional sustenance that is whole and unconditional. Lost souls from all walks of life show up at our front doors seeking compassion, aid, and understanding. If we don’t learn to say no and establish boundaries, we may find ourselves emotionally depleted and taken advantage of. It is quite challenging to establish emotional boundaries and separate oneself when Neptune is in transit to our natal Moon. We care deeply about other people and want to help them in any way possible, but there needs to be a limit to our kindness, and there has to be a line drawn.  This is easier said than done, however, because our hearts are so readily broken by the suffering of those in our midst. When transiting Neptune forms a conjunction, square, or opposition to the Moon, or even the more favorable sextile or trine, it can be interpreted as a time when intense emotions rise to the surface and threaten to emotionally rock and overwhelm us. We feel emotions we’ve never felt before and realise that something has affected us more deeply than we’ve ever admitted.

Need to be Needed

At other times, it can signify a period in which our emotions are at an all-time high. One thing to consider is whether or not we find ourselves gravitating toward the saviour or martyr archetypes. Too much ‘selfless’ action might eventually build up to an emotional storm, but our need to be needed by others can be overwhelming at times. During these periods, we may also feel overwhelmed with confusion, making it hard to prioritise our own needs and emotions over those of others. When strong feelings arise, it’s hard to sort through them and get to the core of what we’re feeling.

While it may be difficult to discriminate during a Neptune transit, we must be especially vigilant against being taken advantage of by others while we are feeling emotionally vulnerable. Under these transits, we are more susceptible to the emotional blows that life’s harsh facts can deliver. As the Neptune-Moon transit advances, our emotional “skin” thins and becomes more permeable, making it more challenging to face the painful emotional truths of any given situation. When Neptune plays a role in our feelings, we tend to see what we want to see rather than what is actually there. There may come a time when we feel emotionally duped by others or even by ourselves, forcing us to reflect on the importance of emotional honesty.

For the time being, we should avoid alcohol and other depressants, which could make our feelings even more intense and difficult to handle. Now is the time when our emotional vulnerabilities and blind spots are most prominent. When we give ourselves up to life, we expose our hearts and our vulnerabilities. It’s as if the whole world has an access to our internal state of being, and this may be a really unsettling feeling. As much as we’d want, life might not have turned out the way we’d hoped it would and we’d like nothing more than to drown our feelings in something comforting. Feeling unhappy about one’s home life, one’s personal relationships, and one’s emotional life in general is quite typical. We may even get involved in a complicated emotional relationship with someone we can’t have on any meaningful level, and as a result, we suffer from an unbearable ache that keeps us awake at night.

Needing to Rescue

As a result of this transit, we may have to make some sort of personal sacrifice, either in terms of giving up something we cherish or going through some sort of trying physical or emotional experience. A Moon-Neptune transit can wreck havoc on our emotions, but it can also help us better understand and forgive others, though it can be a time of increased introspection and melancholy. Similarly, we must be wary of falling into an abusive relationship or with a partner who initially seems selfless but quickly becomes controlling and puts us in the position of martyr and saviour. It’s possible that our desire to feel indispensable causes us to put the other person’s demands ahead of our own, especially if we believe that they are ultimately redeemable. We don’t want to find ourselves in a situation where we have to put up with a “bad” partner and play the part of the long-suffering partner or spouse.

The guilt we experience for not adoring someone for all their characteristics during a Moon-Neptune transit leads us to look for a sense of “goodness” by doing things like loving someone despite their flaws or putting ourselves last to make our significant other happy. But if this is causing us harm, we should consider what is truly important to us in order to be content. We might feel bad if we are “selfish” and don’t give others what they want. Nonetheless, this is the transit’s potency at work, amplifying the distress of others to a really epic scale. As a result of these changes, we may feel guilty for trying to be emotionally independent and to chart our own course in life, and others may manipulate us into feeling bad for it.

Emotionally Needy

Our connections with women may undergo a transition at this time because the Moon governs the home and all females. It’s possible that the gals in our lives are going through a Neptunian phase right now. Perhaps it’s a period of our mother’s life when she becomes unwell, feels vulnerable, or is otherwise at a weakened state. It’s possible she’s acting irrationally and emotionally unstable, making her difficult to reach. It’s possible that the women in our lives right now are strange, delicate, defenceless, and desperately in need of our attention. It’s also possible that our mom has become interested in spiritual matters and is actively looking for ways to aid those in greater need or needs to escape soemwhere else. In our personal lives (represented by the Moon), we may like to remodel and make our home more ideal, and we may feel dissatisfied and disappointed if we are unable to do so. Rather than accepting our domestic situation as it is, we long for a more idealised version of it.

Loving and Understanding

When transiting Neptune aligns with the Moon, inspiration flows more easily than usual, and we may have a strong want to share our ideas with the world. As our defences relax, we become more receptive to prophetic dreams and visions, and our psychic senses become stronger. During the gentler sextile and trine transits, our spirits soar and we feel one with the universe. We have greater equilibrium in our sensitivity, empathy, and love for one another. We take pleasure in scenic locations, and in some cases, we may fulfil a secret desire related to our home, family, and motherhood.