Moon-Uranus Transits: Emotional Breakdown, Breakup, Breakthrough

1409b7fcafe36d27d180abe83b5a0966With the transiting conjunction, square or opposition of Uranus to the Moon, emotional tension may disturb our life, and we may need to struggle to break free of old patterns. The Moon is concerned with our domestic life, emotions and feelings, and the manner in which we instinctively respond to others.

Frustration with existing relationships can happen during such a transit or we sense that some forthcoming explosion or unpredictable upheaval is coming and it makes us feel anxious and uneasy. Our home life may meet with change or disruption, and we may move house, divorce or separate from a partner. The Moon rules the mother in astrology and she may be going through a time of change, separation and disruption in her own life. The aspect also rules drastic change and so there may be a sudden retirement or move of residence that was unexpected.

Below are listed some of the possible things that may happen during a Moon-Uranus transit:

  1. We might experience some unstable and turbulent feelings, and this can be particularly disturbing if we are used to our emotional security. The emotions can be erratic and the moods fluctuating, and it can be a time when our public image is altered. We may fear that we are having a personal breakdown, and losing all control over our conscious selves, and there may be some emotional shocks in store. Some of our emotional behaviour will surprise and upset others. The prospect of change, separation or disturbance to our life may fill us with anxiety and negative fears about the future. Moon-Uranus transits tend to turn our world upside down. We are psychologically undergoing a process of emotional separation, and venturing out in something new and untried.
  2. Men may attract women who are unconventional, strange, and different form the norm. The partner/wife may be affected by moodiness, emotional volatility, and acting strange and unpredictable. The female in our life may be acting out this inner urge for greater freedom, and making changes to old and limiting circumstances blocking the way to future growth.
  3. Our inbuilt emotional patterns are likely to be challenged, and we may have to break free of some of the emotional responses that we have now outgrown. On a profound level, this may be necessary for our growth and development. We are challenged to learn greater emotional independence, and to move beyond our old ways of interacting with others. We want to break out of situations that are limiting or constricting us. We need to be careful not to change too many of our existing structures because we are feeling more restless and getting “itchy feet” during this period. We are changing old habits and routines, and trying to free ourselves from old and restricting emotional responses.
  4. With the transiting conjunction, sextile or trine of Uranus to the Moon we may be waking up to greater emotional freedom, and making changes for the better in our lives. We might have a positive breakthrough in the relationship with our mother. Even under difficult transits, the changes happening in our lives may not cause such upheaval, but we are asked to change on an inner level, and the prospect of any change at this time fill us with exhilaration and excitement. We might be looking forward to a house move, new job, enter a new relationship that is full of future possibilities. We may redecorate and shift things around at home.
  5. We may feel tremendous inner freedom, and are emotionally excited at the prospect of discovering who we are on a feeling level. We are craving stimulation. The people that enter our lives and the events that occur may only be there for a short time and act like catalysts who open the door to greater freedom, change and reinvention.