The Psychic and the Sceptic

I’m not sure whether we’ll be able to distinguish between a psychic’s and a Sceptic’s horoscope, but let’s put aside our scepticism and see if we can distinguish between them.

One chart belongs to the leader of the Sceptic society, who is extremely accomplished in the field of communication, having written several books, had a teaching position at a university, and lectured on a national and worldwide level. History of science, psychology (which I always thought was unscientific, but there you have it), and mathematics are some of the more specialised disciplines available. The Sceptic has produced books about why people believe in the supernatural.

His society’s mission is to disprove everything that they perceive to be non-scientific in nature. Even if astrology isn’t dismissed outright, he wants to see concrete evidence that it is effective. He also believes that astrological personality descriptions don’t cut the mustard since they are too generic and may apply to anyone. The Sceptic is on the lookout for mediums who claim to be able to communicate with the dead, as well as those who target specific pockets of mourning families.

The other chart belongs to a Psychic who is well-known as a parapsychology researcher, and who conducts spiritual channelling by entering a trance while reading the cards. His horoscope also has a heavy emphasis on the subject of communication, since he is the creator and editor of a psychic magazine. His one-of-a-kind skills have impacted many individuals, who have shared astounding insights and predicted changes in their lives as a result of them. The Psychic has also produced several books regarding dream work, prophesies, and extraordinary coincidences, and has been subjected to extensive testing and breakthroughs in the field of psychic phenomena.

See the two charts posted below:

Chart OneSceptic:  In the case of Michael Shermer, a powerful Mercury rising in his chart in the sign of the mediator indicates that he is a sceptic. Because of the prominence given to the planets when they are at an angle, we may read any interpretation of the planet in that specific angular house, but we should accentuate its meaning because of the strength it receives by being so visible. When Mercury is ascending in the horoscope, it indicates a strong desire to communicate and to get his views over to others. Others may perceive him as analytical, and with this placement, there is frequently a strong need to converse or interact with others.

As a result of Mercury’s placement in Libra, he possesses the capacity to see all sides of a problem as well as possessing a decent bit of social refinement. This individual would be a good mediator and negotiator, as well as a public relations professional, since he would strive to strike a balance between opposing viewpoints in any dispute. Mercury in Libra is square Mars in Capricorn, and this is what I would describe as an “ambitious mind” that is competitive, and it is possible that he may spend a significant amount of time debating his position. Both Libra and Capricorn are more measured and methodical in their critical evaluation, and the combination of Mercury and Mars indicates a burning drive to communicate aggressively in debates. In reality, he is an effective communicator with a strong brain and a strong personality.

Shermer also engages in debates on topics pertaining to pseudoscience and religion, in which he promulgates the need for scientific skepticism, expresses his views on those topics from that perspective.

When Mercury is in Libra, he enjoys hearing other people’s perspectives on a subject, and when Mars is in Capricorn, he has a great desire to be regarded in his field of competence. Some tension might arise between Mars in Capricorn’s authoritative nature and Mercury in Libra’s urge to be fair and balanced in his decision-making.

So we are left with the legacy of two types of thinking errors: Type 1 Error: believing a falsehood and Type 2 Error: rejecting a truth. … Believers in UFOs, alien abductions, ESP, and psychic phenomena have committed a Type 1 Error in thinking: they are believing a falsehood. … It’s not that these folks are ignorant or uninformed; they are intelligent but misinformed. Their thinking has gone wrong.
— Michael Shermer, Why People Believe Weird Things, 1997, 2002, Introduction

His worldly understanding (Jupiter) of Science (Uranus) is indicated by the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in the 10th house, which in Cancer denotes his acquaintance with the subject’s historical background. He must make a significant contribution to society in order to feel that he has had a positive impact on the world (10th house). Michael is passionate about encouraging people to develop their intelligence, and he has published books for youngsters on how to learn math and science. However, his   Pluto in the 11th house has a strong dislike to some organisations and groups (particularly psychic ones), but his primary purpose is to be involved in societal transformation.

Chart Two belongs to Psychic Alan Vaughn, who has the Sun rising in Capricorn in the 12th house. He desires to be seen as a respected guy, and he possesses a high level of self-discipline. The aspect of the Sun conjunct Jupiter enhances his sense of self-assurance and belief. With Jupiter also occupying the 12th house, he is frequently motivated to contribute to charity organisations and to assist others in some manner.

Vaughn created the non-profit foundation now known as the Intuition Network.

Mercury is also in the first house of this chart in Capricorn, indicating a serious and naturally sceptical mind, and he enjoys conveying a sense of order and discipline in his communications. He aspires to be recognised as an authority in his chosen field.

Mercury square Uranus suggest an unusual thinker and someone capable of creating groundbreaking discoveries. Uranus to Mercury indicates a person with a high mental energy level, which speeds up his intellectual processes and indicates a strong interest in science, research, computers, and new theories. Sometimes they say things that may surprise others, and their thinking frequently runs counter to the conventional wisdom that has been handed down for generations. Alan has made substantial contributions to important research and significant discoveries in psychic testing and controlled investigations, which has resulted in the development of a software programme called “Psychic Reward.”

It has occurred to me that Mercury makes a trine to Neptune in the occult 8th house of the dead, and I have observed this aspect in transit when an individual has developed an interest in a wide range of spiritual topics. Subjects such as psychic phenomena, mental telepathy, and metaphysics that defy scientific explanation can be explored and taught by a psychic, who is also capable of imparting knowledge on these subjects to others. When Neptune is in the 8th house, it is possible that he may have a natural interest in the supernatural, psychic occurrences, or occult matters as a result of his placement there. Some of these individuals have reported bizarre encounters with “ghosts,” the astral realm, or death, among other things.

Mercury is in opposition to Pluto (the natural ruler of the 8th house), indicating someone who is constantly probing beneath the surface, and they may be interested in taboo subjects, the human psyche, hidden, mysterious, esoteric, or occult subjects.  Those who have this connection also have the ability to persuade others via their sheer strength of belief. The angular Moon in Cancer in the 7th house displays a strong sense of empathy and receptiveness to others, as well as the capacity to recognise and comprehend the unspoken needs and sentiments of those around him. Cancer is also renowned as a psychic sign, and this placement may signal that he has had intense feminine interactions in his life as well as a high level of emotional sensitivity.

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