Moon Conjunct Square Opposite Saturn

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Those with Moon conjunct, square or opposite Saturn have a restrained, inhibited and fearful quality around expressing their emotions. The person may be emotionally defensive in matters that are sensitive, private and in places they feel particularly vulnerable. Usually there is a cautiousness around being overly-emotional and it highlights an area of the personality that is blocked.

The Moon in aspect to Saturn often reflects a sense of inner loneliness, and the sense of never being supported, and a huge feeling of being let-down. Saturn points out in the chart the areas that we are weak, inadequate and lacking, and it is where we never feel good enough, sufficient or deserving. As painful as it can be to admit, we are often inadequate in theses areas for whatever reasons, and we are scarred, flawed and anything but perfect, but this is also what makes us undeniably human. We all get frightened, and feel afraid, and everybody has fears that that they try to hide.

As much as we tend to ‘boo’ Saturn in the horoscope, sometimes the first step towards healing our Saturn wounds is to admit that they may not be the greatest at expressing their emotions, and that they are weak in this area and usually a little stiff. The Moon-Saturn type may feel like the perpetual frightened child when it comes to emotional expression and is painfully aware of the ache, insecurity and vulnerability that comes along with it. Moreover, they may have dealt with painful issues of separation, death or poverty in childhood, and may feel uneasy with intimacy, deeply afraid their inadequacies will be exposed.

The aspect has been called ’emotionally trapped’. The person may not have experienced the security and bonding of a normal parent-child relationship.  This may have resulted in feelings of low self-worth, and they may constantly drag themselves down by pointing out their flaws, failures and shrugging off compliments. The contact could also reflect an early background that was oppressive, strict or a feeling of not being wanted by their parents. The fear of emotional expression could stem back to a deep fear of being rejected, especially when they are feeling particularly needy, and so the person erects strong barriers and fears letting others inside. The feeling of inadequacy may also come from parents having unreasonably high expectations.

The Moon-Saturn aspect could relate to the David Copperfield novel to learn what it feels like to be a child, orphaned and deprived of love, who finds himself and gains wisdom in a harsh world.

Sometimes this feeling of low self-worth stems from the need to be perfect. Perhaps a parent was overly-critical to the individual during the early phase of life. The Moon-Saturn type protects themselves from the pain of rejection, failure and criticism by simply closing the door. I have examined charts with anorexia, anxiety and control issues with this aspect natally and the constant fear of never feeling good enough. One of the main lessons of the Moon-Saturn contact is learning to give self-love and not look for outside approval. They are learning about emotions and learning to be emotionally sufficient and not dependent on anyone else.

The background may indicate that there were some material hardships and so they may have faced the colder side of reality. Perhaps they had to carry too much responsibility at a young age. In many ways this gives them an adult sense of understanding, a realistic approach and knowledge of life’s trials and tribulations. Behind all of their defensiveness is a lot of sadness, depression, and lack of security. We are born alone, and learn that we must grow up and do things on our own. I don’t believe there is any such thing as negative emotions and they are usually a symptom of something that goes much deeper into the past. In a sense the person can feel chained to their past and to ‘duty and obligation’ in the family. Saturn in the chart represents delays, frustrations and where we have to learn everything for ourselves.

Merciless with oneself and others. Inhibited, emotionally withdrawn, lonely or even embittered. Personal feelings and wishes are repressed and those of others held in contempt or viewed with  suspicious mistrust. …Can’t let go, and therefore remains bound even to situations that are unbearable, hopeless and self-destructive. Extreme, insatiable need for a feeling of security. leaden emotions. Key Words for Astrology

The mother may have felt a lot of isolation, loneliness, and had too much responsibility at home and the individual was particularly sensitive to picking up her heavy feelings. Males with this contact may be particularly prone to choosing women that have difficulty showing emotion, possess feelings of deep insecurity, and are depressed. They may have a partner that is very grounded, practical and responsible, and takes care of the material side of life. The Moon and Saturn in the chart speak very differently to each-other and Saturn has quite a sobering effect on the lunar side of the personality. The person is usually more hurt than they let on, and they can be excessively protective over their personal security. Furthermore, they can go overboard in their sense of duty, leaving little time to relax and procrastinate.

The individual can be a great help to others on a practical level, and they are often unquestionably loyal, reliable and trustworthy. The person often needs bonds to be lasting, and the feelings are often serious. They are the kind of people that tolerate hardships for considerable lengths of time, and know how to reign in one’s impulses. The person is willing to take responsibility, and has great organizational skills, and can be counted on when it matters the most.