I flooded my kitchen yesterday because I  left the tap running to do dishes and forgot all about it. I came back a good twenty minutes later and there was water EVERYWHERE. Like fire – water gets out of control very fast. I spent the day mopping it up. I am scared that it’s left any water damage because it is a brand new kitchen that we fitted in last Spring/Summer. I’m hoping that the new floor doesn’t show any warping. I feel cursed with my Neptune in the 4th house square my Moon more than any other aspect.

I looked this morning to see what may have triggered off the mini-flood transit-wise and it was very interesting. Transiting Mars (mayhem/damage/accidents)) was conjunct my big watery Neptune in the 4th and square to my Pisces Moon in the 7th. I argued with my partner as well (having a Moon-Mars domestic) on the phone to try and get him home to help to no avail. With water, you have to act (Mars) as fast as you can to lessen the adverse effects.

It was a wake-up call because I have been feeling overwhelmed this month with a lot of things to sort out. My psychic energy flooded all over the place in its chaotic watery mess. You should see me when I cry! I have been known to not stop crying for hours on end once I start. Today, I have needed to bring some calm back. It always feels calmer the day after the storm (Mars-Neptune) anyway.