Neptune in the 9th House

With Neptune in the 9th house, you search for universal answers and unifying knowledge in order to make sense of everything. This placement may give you the ability to expand your mind in such a way that you make an excellent channel for inspirational teachings and other content. In fact, a great deal of inspiration can be found in this placement through travel, the mind, and particularly meaningful experiences. Yet, there is also a lot of restlessness with this combination, and this is due to your ability to go beyond ordinary thinking, which leaves you open to all waves of thought. So you may find yourself on a religious or spiritual journey at some point in your life and be disillusioned as you look for something to satisfy your eternal quest. With Neptune fogging things up you may not see religion, teachers, and gurus clearly, and you should always try to use a healthy dose of skepticism in all of your adventures in consciousness.

The gifts of Neptune here could be found through your ability to intuit the future; you can be something of a prophet and have the ability to read meaning in the lives of others. Neptune rules the unconscious, the deep well of emotional experiences, and the 9th house is the need to expand through knowledge, travel, and faith. This sphere in life can have a lot to say about your belief system, and it indicates your perception, worldview, and judgment. Through this area, you seek to understand life and continually experience everything in the world with greater meaning. You are drawn to mystical experiences, you wish to go beyond worldly boundaries and you yearn to venture further and further out in your a lifelong search for totality.

The unio mystic is not merely a fantasy for Neptune in the 9th; and while elements of primary narcissism will inevitably be present in one’s hoped for relationship with deity, deeply moving transpersonal experiences of an oceanic kind are not uncommon. Neptune and the Quest for Redemption

Both planet and house symbolize expansion and so the possibilities here are endless. It could mean that you are devoted to attaining the experience of some kind of nirvana, enlightenment, or paradise. And along with all of this is your brightness of faith, optimism, and belief. Yet, that same light may be blinding, confusing and misleading, so the energy has to be channeled in the right way. Neptune in the 9th house has often been accused of being overly hopeful even when confronted with the bleakest actuality, and that you are always looking, or more aptly, longing for the perfect haven. Yet you need to be highly aware of the elusive nature of Neptune and remember that not everything is always what it appears to be.

Neptune in the 9th can be symbolic of the fanatic or a person who is obsessive about their religion or belief or thoughts on life. So, you need to be careful so that you are not blinded by Neptune’s idealizations and the propensity of falling for promises and being on the alert for fraud by foreigners. With this placement, there may be the opportunity to travel long distances and perhaps go on an around the world cruise, but just always be aware of the darker side of Neptune. While there is usually an attraction to places of spirituality, mystical retreats, lost lands, you can pin all of your hopes and dreams onto them. In fact, you may make great sacrifices for your chosen religion, new philosophy, or value system. With Neptune here, you may also feel disappointed by others in the search for truth, and often themes of sacrifice, redemption, martyrdom are prevalent.

With Neptune in this sector of the chart, there has to be a higher meaning to life. Occasionally, this leads you down false and confusing paths. You could look to drugs for mind expansiveness and to experience the oneness of the universe. You could also enroll in higher education courses teaching art, music, dance, healing, religion, theater, film, or photography and, perhaps, one day. become a teacher in one of these areas. Just watch that you don’t get caught in any new belief fad that you think will transform your life:

Those with Neptune in the 9th are seeking redemption and salvation through their belief systems. They may believe that in order to find God they have to make sacrifices and give things up. Their philosophy will usually entail some sort of surrender or devotion to God, to the church, to the Guru, or to a way of life. I have observed that some people with Neptune in the 9th succumb to what Rajneesh called “the buddha disease,” the belief that if you imitate your guru, then you will be enlightened. They try to find out what the guru eats, what television shows the guru watches, what soap the guru uses. If the guru only eats vegetables that grow above the ground. If their guru says peanuts are bad for you, then they will believe peanuts are bad for them.. If the guru happens to enjoy bathing with Badedas, then they will bathe with Badedas… They try to “mood-make” themselves into enlightenment by trying to behave in a certain way, they think it will automatically produce a certain level of consciousness…Some are easy game to anyone who offers the keys to heaven, opening themsleves to disappointment and disillusionment in this area. Dynamics of the Unconscious: Seminars in Psychological Astrology, Vol 2 

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