Uranus in 12th House

Those with Uranus in the 12th house are hiding something. It is a secret need to be unorthodox, different and out of the box. The ‘Closet rebel’ is what it is commonly called and it is imprisoned requiring the key to freedom. The individual could experience an underground individualistic character within, and this is something that has been inherited that has been passed down the generations of the family. The individual may have to learn to fully express their highly creative side, until then, Uranus often feels like it is being forced into a straight-jacket into a place that is filled with untapped potential.

The person, often inventive, bright, even brilliant, possesses an immense energy source of creative juices waiting to be released. The Uranian gifts might reveal themselves through sudden revelations, dreams and prophecies of the future with the ability to see patterns in nature. I am not implying the individual is the next Nostradamus, but they are open to vivid insights, unusual feelings and can be mediumistic –they receive currents connecting them to collective wisdom. Still, this openness in relation to the unconscious side of the personality can burst through violently. Jeff Green described it as the person feeling as if they are ‘going nuts’, there may also be a mental breakdown a feeling of the self as disintegrating. What is more the attraction of a sudden illness, problems with the nervous system or accident is another way the unconscious makes itself known. The individual may need to settle the sea of powerful creative impulses and find a channel and outlet for this spirited instinct.

In childhood there might have been someone who made the person feel guilty for expressing their individualistic side. Usually 12th house energy needs unlocking, similar to hypnotism when the individual opens the doorway to the unconscious, one often needs to express their uniqueness freely. The area where Uranus is in the natal chart represents the sphere of life that we need to be free, it can often indicate accelerated growth, a place to break out of the mold, but is also carried with it a compulsive feeling.

The 12th house rules hospitals, jails, institutions, and places of solitary – libraries, museums, and monasteries. The person may be a great reformer in these areas, bringing fresh ideas and different ways of operating, but also wanting to break others free from isolation. The person may work with the misfits of society, those rejected, and who have felt alienated there is a deep sensitivity felt and a figure one can recognize within their own psyche. It often accompanies a feeling of being odd, different from everybody else, with an often unheard revolutionary spirit beating to its own inner drum. The difficulty is being able to express this figure, many have been made to quiet Uranus down, to be normal and follow others. However, it can be incredibly difficult to keep the Promethean fire bottled up, sometimes resulting in the person struggling with these psychological limitations. The individual is an inspirational channel, and voice of the collective with this urgent need to express their artistic, intellectual or creative ability.  One may feel an inner chaotic world swirling in a disruptive emotional state; the person may find it hard to relax with their unconscious overflowing with new revelatory symbols, glimpsing ideas, and futuristic visions. It is great for artists and musicians and even psychics that rely on the channel of inspiration. It can sometimes represent someone with an unusual imagination with the ability to awaken others on the spiritual or inner level bringing the senses completely alive.

Richard Clayderman, musical genius at the age of 12, was accepted in Conservatoire de Paris, a music institution, winning acclaim in his adolescent years in classical music. Unfortunately, his father’s illness (Mars conjunct Saturn, representing challenging limitations in the 4th house of the parent squares Uranus in the house 12th house forestalling his bright future. Uranus here in the twelfth can represent frustrations and the urge to be free is subdued for the individual, often feeding fire to the rebellious Uranus inside. Clayderman became a studio musician to support his father. The instrumentalist with the bright blue eyes, has recorded 1,300 melodies, and has created a new romantic style combining originals with classics and pop standards. The artist is placed in the Guinness book of records for being the most successful pianist in the world.

The person with Uranus in the 12th house of the horoscope may also be interested in subjects such as astrology, psychism, parapsychology, radical ideas, New Age and spiritual movements. Perhaps secret societies operating under their own rules, or unusual behind the scenes work. Often the person becomes interested in these things by being jolted into awareness by some event that has a profound impact, like those moments of suddenly being struck by lightning. The person enjoys their inner-life, it brings clarity to the hidden meanings of the metaphysical landscape, for the individual is a seeker of the truth on the hidden level of their being, and the unconscious mind is being liberated.