Mars-Jupiter: Magic Bullet

e1be1feaa4d185474f067912dcfb1288Jupiter expands the energy of Mars, and this can act in a number of ways. For starters, there is usually an ample amount of enthusiasm for asserting the essential being, and the individual can also highly motivate others bringing plenty of enthusiasm into any endeavor.

[pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Tarnas believed this aspect was something of a ‘magic bullet’ for it embodied a kind of spiritual zest which is to be deeply admired, and it is the remedy of fear and inaction that inhibits and even blocks so many other people from truly succeeding.[/pullquote]

The great risk-taking element of Mars-Jupiter within the personality greets the daring side of life. With masses of optimism, the personality is supercharged. Many times there is an especially sporting element to the character within a particular sphere of their world. The eagerness for some pursuit whether intellectual, sporty, or divine, gives the soul plenty of spark and whatever they are advocating – quickly catches fire. However, there can also be overzealous behavior and maybe getting way too over-excited, and this can be OTT for some folks.

173591_f260This aspect can have something of a playboy reputation (Hugh Hefner #Mars conjunct Jupiter, for instance). A male figure could be something of a Zeus character in regards to infidelity, constantly having different lovers, affairs, and rendezvousing with a particularly strong sexual appetite. The individual may not always find satisfaction with one partner, but mostly longs for plenty of action and adventure in life.

The person could be highly overactive physically, intellectually, religiously, or philosophically. It can give copious masculine qualities, exhibiting through a drive to always need to be on top. A Mars-Jupiter person may also find themselves in the boxing ring when it comes to their beliefs, causes, and the right to their opinion. In astrology, Mars represents our basic instinct to fight, it is a dynamic force, primitive and can be constructive or destructive. With Mars and Jupiter in a combo, we meet two fiery impulses, and it can mean there is great warmth, passion, and also a magnificent spirit.

[pullquote align=”left” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]The individual is eager to get to the truth, and avid in their pursuit of knowledge and wisdom, displaying a history of intellectual competitiveness. It can reveal itself through strongly held convictions and a powerful need to win with exaggerated expressions. [/pullquote]

Mars-Jupiter combines the expansive idealism of the Jupiterian archetype with the courage of the Martian energy. It can enact itself through the beginning of new projects with confidence and a burst of enthusiasm – supplying surplus energy to fulfill all tasks and can really get things going. The contact can be one to definitely get the ball rolling and ensure things get off the ground in a positive way. Filled with adventure and exploration Mars-Jupiter person can be headstrong and feels highly motivated and justified in their actions with great emotional zeal. The main criticisms of this aspect are concerned with being overly aggressive in their pursuits, a strong sexual drive, and being over-confident.