QUESTION: A Transit of Chiron, How Does it manifest?

chiron transitsQuestion: A Transit of Chiron, how does it manifest?

I will be honest, I forget about poor Chiron in most readings. I don’t always witness its influence over the natal chart. However, there have been charts analyzed in the past, with Chiron natally, especially the conjunction, and the individual has described a chronic illness that has plagued them for years. They have often been confined to bed, and there is no real cure. I have also observed a case of strong facial disfigurement with Chiron. The woman committed suicide, or “aided euthanasia”. CHIRON is described in this earlier article and all of this is pretty much most of what I have learned through study.

Personal experiences through transits ask us to face our incurable wound, or perhaps we suddenly get sick or generally feel everything is pointless in life, completely unfair. I remember a sporting champ who was in possession of Chiron in his natal 5th house and was injured. Unable to participate, he would probably look on sadly from the sidelines, but he eventually progressed and got involved in teaching others.

Being continually sick or permanently injured by a poisonousness act of fate is a rather sad and depressing view of Chiron, leaving the outlook bleak. The more positive expression is to move into something higher and find a way out of complete misery. I have the Melanie Reinhart – Chiron ebook, but have not had a chance to read it. According to Liz Greene’s observations, she once said she would never discuss a planet or body without fully investigating its meaning, mostly through her own observations. The astrologer notes, that Chiron transits contain all themes related to healing and wounding, and that it reconnects our soul to deeper, sometimes more ancient hurts. Without question, there seems to be a lot of pain involved, but she states that it is not unproductive, and there is something to be gained, even if it is spiritually. Greene will not glamorize this figure, and believes it is one of the most difficult to deal with. The hurts we carry are laying deep underground, and when a Transit of Chiron occurs the plaster is suddenly pulled off the wound. Basically, we learn some of our greatest lessons through Chiron and its wounding, and it probably will not heal. We usually, I believe, have to be more creative with chronic pain and we have to accept our lot, somewhat. Chiron can rule people on the outskirts, feeling alienated and with a sense of being alone in their suffering.

Chiron discovered in 1977, was named after the centaur in Greek Mythology. Too large to be classed as an asteroid and too small for a planet, the new body inspired the term ‘planetoid’ (‘planet-like’). Chiron’s rotational cycle varies from 49 to 51 years; its orbit highly elliptic and connects the orbits of Uranus and Saturn. This astronomical profile has given Chiron the nickname ‘maverick’, meaning ‘outside’ or ‘drop out.’ Many astrologers still dismiss Chiron as irrelevant. Mythological Chiron, an immortal healer, suffered from a fatal wound and could neither live or die. Astrological Chiron is said to describe a physical or psychological ‘wound’ which may be incurable, but can lead to understanding of similar suffering in others. In analogy with its orbit, Chiron is also said to describe the native’s ability to combine traditional Saturnian limitations with the pioneering and rebellious spirit of Uranus. By Astrology – An Illustrated Guide

Thanks, Julie.