Chiron in Libra: The Agony of Injustice

Barbara Hand Clow says that people with Chiron in Libra need a lot of help from other people to figure out who they are again. The author says that being honest about what is fair and reasonable is one of the most important skills they learn. Instead, some of them have a hard time understanding concepts like equilibrium and harmony due to a deeper wounding in the soul, and yet they might be good at things like law, counselling, or being a diplomat. Chiron’s wound brings back memories to them that the world is unfair and that people never live up to their ideals.

If a relationship isn’t working out, the person may isolate themselves and stop spending time with other people. Moreover, they may experience rejection in romantic and other social contexts. In order to grow spiritually, they need to be able to learn from their relationships and have the emotional maturity to deal with the frailties that are inherent to all humans. If Chiron is in Libra, wounds from the past, feelings of being wronged, and disappointment in romantic relationships are all possible. On the other hand, the person’s loss may lead them to choose a career where they can help others heal their wounds and change by sharing what they’ve learned about the pain of social rejection, unfairness, and unethical behaviour.

Achieving equanimity and viewing things from all viewpoints can result in disappointment, and relational traumas may run in their family. The chironic wound emphasises the unfairness inherent in the fact that perfection is impossible to attain. It would help heal the wounds if they were more willing to accept imperfect people and a flawed society. Utopian goals may sound nice in theory, but they may not stand up in practise.

The fury of a Chiron in Libra is triggered when they witness someone else acting selfishly or unfairly. Astrologers believe that it’s likely that when the person was a  child they may have been raised with an unhealthy obsession with maintaining a calm and even demeanour, both of which can lead to feelings of  unease in social situations. When they’re older, they want to bring light to the world and make it so everyone takes responsibility for their acts. Indeed, a society imprisoned by greed and self-centeredness is unpleasant to observe, as is the sight of people attempting to bring about change in a way that appears hopeless and fills them with resentment. What the person really wants is a just and fair world, but any interaction that falls short of the “ideal” might leave a deep hurt behind.

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