A Scorpion is exceptionally psychic and will pierce the veils of subjects feeding a continuous urge to plumb the depths of all experiences, and the Scorpio lady is the most intense, sexiest and mysterious of the twelve signs of the zodiac, and she personifies the exotic. A Scorpio looks for the unexplained and mystical because she believes it can provide light on the inner workings of the universe. A solar Scorpion’s interest in wisdom and psychology stems from the fact that it provides an escape from the mundane routine of everyday existence. What we can see on the outside is ephemeral, but what lies beneath opens a door to the world of the eternal. A Scorpio’s natural inclination is to be overcome by insatiable curiosity, and she feels compelled to peer into the darkest crevices of every room.

This Scorpio female is in tune with the primal energies of life and nature, and she is profoundly affected by the vulnerability of the human condition. You shouldn’t underestimate the Scorpio woman; she’s no helpless critter who can’t stand up for herself. In reality, she is unwavering and incredibly pointed, focusing just on the substance of the issue at hand and ignoring the fluff. Preferring straightforward outcomes, she is not one to stray into the middle ground; there is no compromise, and she will not be duped. A Scorpio wants her mental state to stay exactly how it is — stable and fixed — and, on top of that, she is insatiably curious about the world and understands how to frame the perfect query to pry loose the planet’s deepest, darkest secrets.

In general, a Scorpio woman is cryptic and secretive, with perceptive and dominating tendencies that might backfire. A Scorpio woman possesses a tragic beauty of her own: unyielding and bloody-minded, she will take life’s slick turns in stride. The Scorpion  is strong, capable, and confident in her own abilities, and she is committed to achieving her goals at any cost. In addition, she is complex and sensitive, so if she chooses you as a confidant, consider yourself honoured; she is selective about who she shares her innermost truths with, and she will be your greatest advocate and most loyal friend if you do not betray her. A Scorpio’s intuitive nature and acute emotional awareness allow her to make quick and accurate assessments of situations. Slipping into the shadows, this woman has discovered remarkable things and will judge people who choose style over substance. Once in a while, a Scorpio has to shed their previous worldview and look for a brand new vision of mystique in order to unlock the door of understanding that would ultimately enrich her soul. On the other hand, such dark experiences can shatter some people, and she may need to retreat from society until she experiences a transformation on the inside.

When she is in love, the Scorpio woman prioritises the fulfilment of both partners’ sexual, financial, and spiritual needs. Together, she and her partner can form a formidable force, but she has a tendency towards fixation in love and is occasionally jealous and possessive. Those who give everything to their partners may expect the same level of commitment in return; for them, loyalty is paramount; such a relationship is the stuff of legend, and it leaves an indelible mark on both partners. The allure of the legendary bedroom eyes is undeniable; and she possesses the power to hypnotise and can attracted countless lovers.

The Scorpio lady dresses with confidence, projecting an aura of authority while still keeping her identity concealed. Black is her colour, and she stays away from anything too girly; she is at her most attractive when she is wearing something that conveys depth, can harness her immense power, and allows her dramatic spirit to shine through. Some sultry, form-fitting garments that reflect Scorpio’s dual character as a daredevil and a mystery.