The Scorpio Woman

The Scorpio woman is the most intense, sexiest and mystifying of the twelve signs of the zodiac. They personify the exotic, and a Scorpion is extraordinarily psychic and will pierce the veils of subjects feeding an incessant need to plumb the depths of all experiences. Many Scorpios are interested in the esoteric, occult and spiritual experiences, offering deep insight in the hidden workings of reality.

A solar Scorpion is completely fascinated with topics delving into wisdom and psychology, as this releases them from a life full of meaningless banality. Everything that appears on the surface seems only transient while the unseen is the gateway to the world of the eternal. A Scorpio tendency is to be overtaken by a tormenting curiosity, and they need to glimpse the dusty corners of every room.


Let’s discuss more of the Scorpio woman below:

This is a woman who is in harmony with the fundamental forces of life and nature: Scorpio is emotionally stirred by the fragility of the human experience.  The Scorpio woman should never be taken lightly.  This type of individual isn’t a helpless creature and can easily defend their corner. In fact, they are undeviating, and fabulously pointed, and will only focus on the central substance of any issue and ignore the pointless.

Preferring honest conclusions: Not one to move towards grey areas, there is no in between, and they certainly won’t be fooled. A Scorpio wants their state of mind to remain just so – absolutely firm and secure. Furthermore, they want to understand everything and really knows how to style just the right question to obtain the answers they seek to those hidden secrets of the universe.

In general, Scorpios are intuitive, controlling, and sometimes self-destructive, and everything can be a bit cloak and dagger. A Scorpionic soul has a certain fatal beauty to their character, unflinching and bloody-minded, even when life gets a little slippery they will merely take it all in their stride. Self-confident, capable, and powerful, they are driven to deliver the goods; and work hard, being prepared to forfeit anything to get to the end. Moreover, being complex and tight-lipped, selecting who they disclose their clandestine affairs to carefully.

Scorpio has an especially acute emotional grasp on our experiences. The Scorpio personality has a way of going by their instinct straight to the mark. Scorpios will decry those who are trivial and prefer style over substance. They have found extraordinary things in the inky darkness, slipping into the shadows.

Every so often, a Scorpio must slough off an old worldview and seek a completely new vision of mystery. The inner door of understanding opens enriching their spirit. However, many people can also be broken by such gloomy encounters, and will need to to withdraw from life, and will only surface once they feel a sense of inner change.

The Scorpio Woman in Love

The Scorpio woman in love is focused on shared desires and this includes the sexual energy between a couple, finances, soul-sharing and all other available resources. Anyone involved in this relationship can really build up a powerhouse combo, Sometimes she is inclined towards obsession in love and can be jealous and possessive. As someone who expects all or nothing, there is an expectation of the same kind of devotion from a partner. Loyalty is everything, and this kind of romance inspires all legendary lovers and is simply unforgettable. The famous bedroom eyes will often attract many lovers, and there is an innate sexuality always stirring in the substratum, pulling others in with a hypnotic gaze.

The Scorpio Woman – Fashion and Style

The Scorpio woman dresses powerfully, communicating an intensity of power but also remaining under wraps and in control. The colour is black, and there is an avoidance of anything too pretty, they look best in anything reflecting depth and can contain those tremendous energies within, but also to express the dramatic element of the soul. Some sexy clothing with a strong outline to symbolize Scorpio’s both daring and hidden nature.