Pluto Transit in the 8th House

2416887When Pluto transits the 8th house, you should expect to go through some evolutionary and significant changes in your spiritual life. It has the potential to pull your soul deep into your subconscious and dredge up deeply buried emotions, making you extremely susceptible throughout this entire phase. It might be a stepping stone toward moving beyond your psychological boundaries, which can frequently entail a confrontation of sorts with your deep attachments, memories, and relationships with individuals who are no longer beneficial to your growth and development.

Exploring the depths and examining nature at its most fundamental level might be the goal of this voyage. It might also indicate the emergence of a new sort of sexuality within you, as well as the awakening of your own personal power, and a sense of fate and destiny that is so profound that it affects your very soul, as described above. Pluto’s transit through its own house, according to the conventional consensus, is only painful if you fight change and continue to cling to outdated ways of doing things. I believe that FATED occurrences will intrude on your life regardless of how receptive you are to large-scale transformational endeavours of change.

Considering that Pluto’s transit through a house can last several years, it’s crucial to look at the birth chart for any forthcoming aspects that might be relevant. You will become acutely aware of the deeper undercurrents of your life, which may be worrisome since it brings with it a new understanding of the hidden intentions of others, which can be frightening. You might be interested in learning more about the underlying meaning of psychology and body language. Pluto’s transit through the 8th house is a powerful force that encourages you to unearth everything that has been buried for a long time. The moment has come to seize upon the wisdom of the mystics and absorb thoroughly certain new and deep truths that have come to light. This house has always been considered an occult location, and it is possible that an interest in the deeper aspects of life will develop. This can be a mystical, psychic, and supernatural journey, with a strong fascination with issues of life and death, astral travel, and other planes of existence, among other things. There are both fears and a fascination with what is beyond the realm of physical life.

With Pluto in the 8th house,  people experience feelings of anxiety, shame, and fear, among other things. A constant barrage of self-criticism like an intrusive radio station that you cannot turn off.  The amount of pressure that has been built up over the years will, of course, play a role. Another consideration is whether the aspects Pluto generates are soft or harsh in nature. This Plutonian domain represents the psychological landscape of self-examination, psychological fragility, depression, suicide attempts; anorexia; emotional illnesses; and abuse. It exposes your stumbling attempts at maturity, allowing any potentially harmful behaviour patterns to be identified, particularly those that are extremely naïve. What if you have a Pluto transit in the 8th house and you experience this level of strong emotion? No, this is not always the case, but you may learn to deal with growing pains. In part, this is due to the fact that new viewpoints disrupt old habits and attitudes, but it is also an important phase in any transformative process. The benefits of going through such an interior cleansing process are well worth it. This includes letting go of your illusions one at a time.

On Mundane Levels:

  • It is possible that you will be influenced by a life-changing incident that occurs in your environment.
    Death, divorce, or a lack of material resources might all be factored in the situation.
    Either you marry into riches or you lose a significant amount of money.
    Dealing with the death of a loved one or a change in the surroundings
    A period of power battles with a spouse, which may or may not be related to financial resources.
    There are issues with taxation and inheritance.
    Loans of considerable size.
    It is a period of paranoia and anxiety.
    You might make an appointment for counselling or at the very least some tedious self-analysis

Our birth is nothing more than the beginning of our demise –Edward Young, Nighthtought