South Node in Scorpio or 8th House

The influence of the nodes can be influential in our life. The nodal Axis is thought to be a person’s karmic destiny or life path. The nodal axis of two opposing signs/houses means blending these energies into one powerful vibration. With the South Node in Scorpio or the 8th house, we may have spent the past involved in many hidden or underground activities. The south node here is often a placement for good intuition and psychic ability, and we are often experts of the emotional unseen, and intangible. We might, therefore, have been obsessed with the mysteries of life, death, mysticism, witchcraft, the occult, spiritual development, psychology, and possessed the ability to look at someone’s soul knowing all of their secrets.

When we find something fascinating, we probe and penetrate to its deepest meaning. Transformation, self-development, and anything involving the inner psyche is always deeply attractive to us. It has also always been difficult for us to live a neutral existence, as we have seen a little too much of human nature.  Scorpio and the 8th house rule over the intense investigator taking nothing at face value. So we love plumbing the depths, especially in the waters of our own soul. The magnetic polarity of this opposition tugs on issues dealing with the smoldering cauldrons of intense emotional storms, the invisible world, and an eternal round of life and death.

We can easily merge with others in a deep healing and changing way. We have the profound ability to share ourselves totally with another. In our relationships, we may have dealt with terminations, endings, and deep losses throughout life, and we are continually thrown into crisis, emergency, and troubling waters. The Scorpio or 8th house energy within us is jealous, experiencing explosive passions, and leaving emotional scars. The struggle for survival could be an ongoing theme, and we have already been down to the depths many times learning new skills along the way. The emotions of our Scorpio or 8th house energy are very much like entering a Greek tragedy. It’s probably fair to say that we have confronted taboo areas and have been able to master our power and emotional control and penetrate different levels of consciousness. If we believe in past lives, then we could have experienced trauma, drama, and deep emotional pain. In the long run, we may have developed many inexplicable compulsions and are drawn into destructive patterns.

With our North Node in Taurus, we need to enter the tangible realm, and are learning to cultivate the true inner calm that our Scorpio South Node longs to possess.  The North Node in Taurus or the 2nd House is pointing towards a life of simplicity –  something that is less complicated. We may even be involved in financial activities and we’re learning to forge our own resources rather than rely on others’ possessions. Our greatest growth, evolution, and satisfaction will come through the earthly realm. For that reason, we are learning to be more practical and focused on our personal resources, security, skills, and abilities. Above all, we must surround ourselves with beauty, peace, and things of comfort. Life must involve understanding our own personal value and worth, and that the exhaustive emotional outlet of the south node is steadied so that the extremes are lessened.

Overall, we are getting in touch with our physical senses, building values, and learning how to stabilize and moderate our intensity, preserving inner security and putting down roots. We are balancing the spiritual and material, intangible to the tangible, and the immaterial to the material values. Our South Node in Scorpio or 8th House has been focusing all of its energy on spiritual pursuits and paying less attention to the physical world of the five senses. A Taurus-Scorpio polarity could be termed the transformation and manifestation axis, and by building something solid in the material world using the gifts of the Scorpio or 8th house, it will give us focus for the desired effect of our efforts. Learning how to use our resources and the proper management of money, and being less dependent on the wealth of others are common themes.

What is needed here is plenty of self-investment, more dependability, and self-reliability. It may require re-establishing the sense of self-worth that may have been badly hurt. If that steady, grounded feeling is missing in our life we must especially focus our energy on feeling the earth under our feet instead of constantly feeling that the rug will be pulled from underneath. So that massive loss: parents divorcing, betrayal and separation and all other external supports being taken away won’t threaten our inner strength. Often becoming still like the Taurean involves a process of catharsis. With the North Node in Taurus or the 2nd house we need to develop a solid root structure. In doing so, we plant our seed solidly into the earth to ensure both growth (Scorpio) and stability (Taurus).