Jupiter: Good Karma

bfc80e22ee3fb313bbccd5b98da36233Jupiter is the king of the gods with a jealous wife, the biggest and most powerful of all. Ruling heaven, sky, and thunder. Considered to be volatile at times, he would often blast thunderbolts from the sky and this was his way of punishing mortals. However, once the anger was gone he would be jovial once again. One of the key themes to understanding this deity is realizing his penchant for being unpredictable, need for newness and a love of roaming far and wide. The explorer, questor, and visionary are all related to Jupiter. 

This archetypal energy invites us to explore all the wonders of the world, whether it’s off to the Pyramids of Egypt, the Taj Mahal, Niagra Falls, or the Grand Canyon, traveling to distant and far off lands intellectually, physically or spiritually. The most important aspect of Jupiter’s sense of restlessness and a strong need for expansiveness and explorative nature is that it takes us into higher states of expanded consciousness and lets us spread our wings.

Jupiter and Good Karma

Jupiter is the “giver of gifts” in the universe and represents our own capacity for generosity. Wherever Jupiter is placed is where we BELIEVE that we can do anything, be all things to all people and that nothing can possibly fail. In this area, we feel like we’re a lucky star, fortunate, blessed, and somehow advantaged. The chart placement of Jupiter is thought to point to areas of life which will challenge our understanding of the universal law of karma and our ability to work in accordance with this law. In karmic astrology, Jupiter’s placement indicates where we are likely to reap the benefits of the past. The planet gives us a positive feeling and greater openness to all of the marvels of the heavens.

The Guru of Joy

Jupiter entices us to focus on our religious, spiritual, and heavenly beliefs, asking us to have faith and to believe in golden opportunities. An Individual with this planet powerful in their horoscope can end up in a high position. They could be sailing in an enlarged social world or elevated to a top job in law, business or education. We relate this Jupiterian power with the ‘great protector’ and it can be something of an inner guide in our life. Many Jupiterian people are often referred to as gurus and teachers and they seem to gravitate towards more noble positions. Guru is generally translated into teacher, it is an abbreviation of two Sanskrit words gu for darkness and ru for light; thus, guru means the one who overcame darkness and reached the light.

The Goodwill Ambassador

049053-3d-transparent-glass-icon-natural-wonders-planet1Jupiter can take a person onto a road of abundance. For others, the planet takes them on philosophical trips all the way up to the mountaintop. Most of all, it asks us to follow our bliss and symbolizes an individual’s urge to reach out and broaden their range of experience. Beyond all else we can feel spiritually rewarded by Jupiter, feeling a sense of good karma coming our way. The kingly glory of this realm invites us to a party of goodwill, rewarding us with fabulous gifts, assistance, material wealth, aid, donations, and greater advance in the world. More importantly, in order to achieve greater growth of expansion inwardly or outwardly the largest planet in our solar system also presents us with opportunity, scope, and freedom.

Thank You for Being You

Many times, a Jupiter transit can be something of a welcome relief. Even personal transits (Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars) to this giant god, can take us to weddings, birthday parties, and celebrations. We suddenly find money, receive gifts, or travel to fun parks. Jupiter is, perhaps most of all, a HUGE magnet for people to explore the greater cosmos through study, traveling, and adventuring, signifying a quest for a higher reality and life-changing expansions of consciousness.