Mercury in Sagittarius

Mercury in Sagittarius

An individual with Mercury in Sagittarius has a mind that is expansive, with a broad overlook. Here we find a love for examining the larger picture; they are always studying something and need a lot of intellectual stimulation – quickly grasping most subjects. The mentality tends to wander off towards bigger adventures and the mind frequently changes direction all of the time. This can result in an impatient and restless nature, and there is often a continual search for a breadth of understanding.

More than any other Mercury sign, this is a mind that needs to roam free and there is a lot of enthusiasm evident, with a profound sense of purpose in approaching topics of interest. They give off the impression of being large-minded and their mental energy is, indeed, intensive, with fiery opinions about the world at large. In fact, the individual is truly capable of expansion in consciousness and is particularly interested in subjects that study the universe, leaning towards anything which covers a wide-ranging scope of civilization.

There is an optimistic approach to all endeavors, they revel in spotting new opportunities for learning. In Sagittarius, Mercury is ignited by knowledge and could be fascinated with philosophy, religion, and geography, or anything related to higher education. They are usually drawn to subjects that have significance beyond the ordinary, familiar, and commonplace. The individual may like to voice their opinions on what they believe and what kind of “way of life” they espouse. Anyone with Mercury in Sagittarius may speak with alarming truthfulness, honesty, and could be tactless at times. All in all, the mind feels alive in a world of universal truths, and there is nothing more pleasurable than discovery.

We often find the individual’s perspective relishes new experiences and will want to find the meaning in life. We might find them involved in wide-ranging conversations. The goal of wanting to learn everything is usually powerful, and they love to share learning with others making for an inspiring teacher. The individual sometimes gets super-excited by ideas and the mind gallops ahead towards everything which includes the broad and all-encompassing.

According to Lyn Birkbeck: The Instant Astrologer

Your mind is searching for a meaning to life, and it wants to be employed in a meaningful way. You perceive things with an eye for opportunity, and you have an enthusiastic way of expressing verbally, although you can say a bit too much on occasions. You have a broad grasp of the general  life issues and cultural trends. Sometimes this can cause you to overlook details and mistake opinions for facts. Your vibrant mentality should avoid occupations that make you feel confined and restless, and should pursue situations which involve travel and or variety, and that have some social significance.

The joviality of Jupiter, Sagittarius’ ruler, imparts a hopeful quality to the reasoning, they may try to avoid dark and depressing thoughts. Also, beyond this expansiveness, they will regularly forget to pay attention to the mundane world, therefore, it can result in an unpaid phone bill. Mercury in Sagittarius has a tendency to overlook the finer nuances – trivial aspects of life, and will always favor their tireless search for wisdom. It could be said that these people have a “prophetic vision” because they understand information and entrench themselves in distant goals and lofty ideals but can sometimes miss what is right under their noses. It has been pointed that this is the mind of the absent-minded professor, due to impracticality and being disorganized with a tendency to make over-generalizations. Sometimes they collect so much information that it becomes difficult to digest, organize, or work with some kind of system. However, they possess a questing mind along with an intellect filled with wonder, and such folks will always be drawn towards grand theories and trendy ideas.

An individual with Mercury in Sagittarius can get into some hot-headed in debates. The thinking is candid, open and some may call it a know-it-all attitude. In truth, they want to know the answers to every question. The intellectual horizons long to be expanded, and so they always need something interesting to discuss. The individual may be witty and humorous, and incredibly insightful. In social gatherings, the conversation can be gregarious, outgoing, and confident. There could be an interest in talking to people from different cultures or other countries.

With their intuitive mind, they dazzle with their ability to work with the meaning of symbols and can understand the patterns of the world around us. They make important connections because the person can see the whole picture, and nothing sits in isolation. If they are not a traveler, then the mind will certainly roam to some exotic locations gathering information from anywhere: television, books, and computers. Otherwise, this combo can be associated with folks who explore a great deal, and it has been named the ideal placement for a travel agent as it can deal with foreign affairs.

Life is often perceived with an eye for opportunity. Mercury in Sagittarius will also have an enthusiastic way of expressing the self verbally. A broad grasp of life and general issues – means the soul will always possess a vibrant mentality; they could be an epic storyteller, and will absolutely love to relate adventures. There might also be a flair for languages or study and reading about far-off countries which may satisfy their insatiable hunger for knowledge. Mercurial Sagittarians are the eternal students, with eyes wide in wonder to all of the different aspects of life.

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