Venus in Capricorn: Gold Digger

Question: Do venus in Capricorn people only care about status and money? Are they gold diggers?

When Venus is placed in demonized Capricorn, the individual is on a fiendishly satanic search for J. Howard Marshall, a Sugar Daddy. Nah, the only caring about money and status thing is just a nasty rumor. What everybody seems to forget is that hard cash can’t buy class. Venus, when placed in this social-climbing sign, has classiness in abundance. The whole earthly power and dominion thing are fully in the realm of Capricorn’s domain. Whilst being concerned with materiality is true on some level. it can be magnified. It doesn’t help matters that materialism is at the top of the list for being mankind’s worst enemy. How money is the root of all evil, and so forth.

Definition:noun informal
a rich older man who lavishes gifts on a young woman in return for her company or sexual favours. Also: Like a genie – he may be a little old, but if a girl rubs his lamp, he’ll grant her three wishes.

The material interest can be about maintaining and securing a future. Venus in Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, and the most common interpretation of Satan is that it symbolizes things that last, or – in other cases – it reveals an urge to establish a secure relationship. Venus in the sign of the goat, rules structured partnerships, rigid attachments, deep commitments, and there is a feeling of being indebted. Relationships take on long-term planning, they value such things as certainty, respect, authority, and responsibility. However, there is a substantial-quality, and so there could be a liking for mature relationships and those trustworthy. An individual with this placement falls in love cautiously, but sometimes there is a fearful feeling when entering into a relationship, sensing subconsciously that they will be tied to another for a long time.

Venus in Capricorn may sometimes fear change in a relationship making things restrictive. The individual needs to turn within to become more self-sufficient and inwardly secure. Also, it is claimed that there is a measure of unreachability, a guarded approach to romance. This placement can be thought of as slow to be affectionate, and it takes longer to warm up. Therefore, apparently, it is often a common thing to spot such types with highly affectionate partners. Who knows, perhaps it’s the law of opposites at work again. But any planet in Capricorn is often criticized for being melancholic and low-spirited. The old ascription is absolutely exaggerated, but the general nature of their unhappiness can’t always be neatly explained by saying, Saturn rules the sign, or surely it’s their heavy nature.

It would seem that through the earthy element the individual is thought of as being chained to the material world. On the negative side, Venus in Capricorn can be labeled selfish in love, materialistic and ambitious in affairs of the heart. All goaded by their inner-psychology leading them to be stern, fateful and gloomy. Certainly, we meet with a lot of pride in Venus in Capricorn’s way of relating, artistic sense, and social aims. However, ‘bad light’ has been thrown over love relationships for these people, involving this supposedly cold sign. In reality, they make for a devoted and conscientious partner.

“Material wealth and status are necessary to Venus in Capricorn, to the point where this position can quite openly marry for money. When courting, Capricorn will want to appear superior, and this can make for a reserve that seems cold and unemotional, though, as a rule, it is a deep shyness, which unfortunately comes across as snobbishness. Since Capricorn is not easily affectionate, concern for the material side of life can create ulterior motives regarding love and marriage, resulting in a loveless liaison contracted for status. By Love Planets