Dear Neptune – You are not Allowed to Feel My Guilt

2407231“Everything on this planet is not your fault. My actions, what I do, it’s not your fault. I own them. They belong to me. You are not allowed to feel my guilt.

The Neptunian personality type is one who takes on the pain of others, regardless of whether it’s really their right to feel it. The term guilt originates from the Oxford English dictionary and means ‘to pay’. It refers to a feeling of being obligated.  With these pounding waves of guilt, the dark side of Pisces, Neptune, and the 12th house are brought to light for all to see. It is possible that such feelings may eventually play a negative influence in the life of the Neptunian. They form a link with people via compassion, and because of a major lack of boundaries, they emotionally fuse with those around them, which can be to their detriment at times.

The feelings that belong to whom in any situation creates something very murky indeed. In the Neptune individual, there is a portion of their astrological make-up that believes they are responsible. Such individuals are also skilled at making YOU feel responsible for their sadness. Self-pity, guilt, and martyrdom are some of the most sinister Neptunian characteristics. Some Neptune individuals, on the other hand, have the ability to transform this victimhood into an art form.

In conclusion, if you believe that you are a Neptunian and that you experience other people’s suffering excessively, or if you believe that you are responsible for someone’s actions or how they are feeling because you believe that you could have done more, consider taking this advice. While this appears to be an act of profound care and remorse for not being able to provide what the other may have required, it is also detrimental to your own well-being. You must build a better sense of self and recognise that we are all unique individuals who make our own decisions and respond in our own way to a situation that is totally within our power and responsibility. In the event that you desire to discover greater peace in your soul but have slipped back into emotions of guilt and loss of self in some way, keep these words close at hand.

In a world where there is no separation between self and not self, one is naturally a compassionate being for there are no boundaries to prevent us from empathizing with the suffering of others. We don’t have to put ourselves in another’s shoes for we are already wearing them…It is through our Neptune placement and aspects that we identify with the victim, and through doing so we either become a victim ourselves or are propelled into pursuing the role of savior. Here we feel sorry for others, here we feel pity. We may think that we are merely being sensitive and compassionate but, in truth, our pity is as much for ourselves as for the object of concern. The Contemporary Astrologer’s Handbook