The 12th House: Evil Angel

12th house astrologyAny positive interpretation of the 12th house?

‘The mysterious and misunderstood twelfth house’ of the natal chart. Are we not tiring of these kinds of introductory sentences describing this energy as “misinterpreted” by astrologers, the general public, etc? Yes, this sphere does suffer from a cloud of nebulousness, since it is haunted by a long forgotten past, and is left to carry the dreams and disappointments of the collective (heavy load of laundry). Generally speaking, this is the domain of great misfortune, suffering, and sorrow. Seriously, though, one would have to be a pure angel to rise above it all and to hold such emotional burdens, and learn to “suffer.” Of course, we are told by religious folks that with suffering comes the light of revelation, if this helps. This is the house where we find redemption, saviors, and martyrs; though, it hasn’t helped matters in the least in understanding this realm when we consider that the 12th house rules insane asylums, prisons, and hospitals. Let’s face it, these are not our first choices for finding inner-peace, quiet and withdrawal from a chaotic world.

While your 12th house individual needs to be medicated and is prone to addictive substances and possesses an inclination towards drowning in an inordinate amount of sorrow…on the bright side, they possess a vivid imagination or a rich inner life! Tee hee, there’s always an upside to even the dreariest of interpretations. One may also describe 12th house people as beings filled with compassionate love and devotion, dealing with everything thrown onto the ‘dumpsite of the horoscope,’ but they will also probably have to bear some terrible illness. Again, it all sounds so hopeless.

Seriously, the 12th houser is best exemplified by a person sitting on a lonely desert island in the Pacific waiting for a tidal wave that will not come. The bearing of a bruised, fragile soul harboring a mysterious sorrow that has something, but not everything, to do with the world. While traditional astrology may have doomed the twelfth house to afflictions of grief and sadness – modern interpretations go the other way interpreting it as the unconscious and mystical side of life. Older perspectives have been terribly dark and fearful and produced fear in those with planet/s inhabiting this realm.

The 12th house, like the 6th and the 8th, has had a hard press. ..Traditionally known as the house of imprisonment, confinement and self-undoing, it is a source of anxiety to astrological students who discover natal planets placed there and, having availed themselves of older textbooks, draw dire conclusions. The Astrological Neptune and the Quest for Redemption

According to Carter:

The twelfth house as we have remarked, offers a sharp contrast between the two views of the house which we have put forward. For, as corresponding with Pisces, it has a traditionally gloomy reputation, and was the Evil Angel of the Greeks. That this is true enough, up to a point seems undeniable. It has an aspect of confinement and limitation, as is evident by the horoscopes of prisoners of war, which usually shows bodies afflicted int he 12th…Afflicted bodies in the 12th show disappointment and frustration, not only on one’s behalf, but very frequently for others. They draw sorrowful conditions around the native like magnets….the 12th house afflicts through sickness, either one’s own or that of others, or general misfortunes. Essays on the Foundations of Astrology

C.E.O Carter also refers to 12th housers as poor and unwilling socializers, which is to be somewhat expected from the house of ISOLATION, seclusion, and retirement. It is also this domain which is the signification of before the dawn of consciousness, that thread-like umbilical cord to our source floating through time and space, with our elemental needs met. We are flung violently into this world and the descriptions for this happening have an almost uniformal image such as loss, fall from grace, a slip from a “higher estate.” Some trouble comes to 12th housers through being a delicate radio station channeling this ‘other world.’ Such folks are maddeningly perceptive, but it can all be a tad overwhelming.

If we want to end on a note of positivism, the 12th house is home to very creative people. Especially in terms of writing, art and music – much of which require deep reflection, even meditation, they mediate energy.

Locked away within our treasury of hidden potencies are also (not so) hidden weaknesses and addictive vulnerabilities. We could say that right next to our guardian angels live our worst enemies, and all of those entities comprise parts of ourselves. Rulers of the Horoscope: Finding Your Way Through the Labyrinth