Unzipping Taurus

Taurus is associated with country life, farming, and roots. The rural experience is deemed as a way of living that brings deep contentment, satisfaction and peace for many individuals. Because what it offers is a time to rest, relax, unwind, breathe in nature, take in books, music, and undergo a kind of back to basics transformation unfolding ourselves in the most natural way possible. The quiet, calm and tranquil ways are beneficial, everything feels as if it is placed in its most natural setting. Moreover, if helps us to engage in the here and now of existence, being captivated by the richness of creation, drawn to the sensuality of the earth and body.

Let’s face it, who doesn’t have those moments when we want to take leave of the city with its hustle and bustle, feeling breathless, panting from constant rushing, running, moving, hurrying, falling into hastier and more superficial  rhythms, trying to silence the constant buzzing in the mind. Centrally speaking, we need somewhere to STOP and press pause for a while, allowing us to fall ever gently into beauty and tranquility, slowing down long enough to smell the roses, enjoying today for what it is forgetting the thorns, the pains, our problems. In essence, in Taurean Land, we must find out what is truly valuable in life through learning the art of STILLNESS. As one might expect this is a down to earth sign and we must dig our hands into the soil. Steven Forrest refers to the Taurean as the healing rustle of birds among green leaves.

Taurus is thought to be the most demonstrative sign when it comes to physical affection, to touch and be touched. They love deeply, simply and long. Taurus has a great appreciation for art and music adoring anything which pleases the senses. Many will often spend their later years, creating the kind of beauty that instills a sense of self-worth and producing something of lasting worth is paramount. Anything produced gives a huge amount of pleasure and enjoyment. The Taurean part of the self, works with materials of the earth, with clay, stone, fabric or wood. Being creative is one of mankind’s greatest talents and it is a major resource. It feels good and is incredibly rewarding to make something of value. Mother Earth provides everything we need to be happy, we need to recognize the vibrant paint colors of life. Earth people are also commonly wonderful to have around for they seem to grow taller and stronger every year, they unfold themselves with time, usually surprising everybody.

Taureans are threatened by change and chaos and usually present a shitload of resistance, planting their feet into the ground, bejeezus does this stand take a lot of psychic and bodily strength to hold ever so tightly in position, but they have an enormous amount of power and force. In fact, they are non-flinchers, hardheaded, infuriatingly maddening as they keep calm and unruffled in a crisis. As a rule, though, they will often stay with us through thick and thin while more spineless types will take off, or let their heart wonder. So, stubborn fidelity is a great asset and we also get the bonus of their strong back which can carry more than they sometimes believe. The aura of stability and sheer presence is irresistibly attractive to others and they personify heaven on earth. An earthly wisdom is, likewise, present in their conservative outlook and there is an undeniable connection to the truest, deepest and highest values ones which can ever be taken away.

On the downside, we, too, find these stubborn old fashioned types, bound to the past, unable to move into the future, or, at least, refusing to move five blocks away, shutting off from the possibility of change. The need to feel safe and secure is everything with many Taureans, not surprisingly, being considered stubborn and surely nobody’s WILL can move this heavy Bull. Some are even too stubborn to realize what they have until its gone. The stubborn pride to admit they might have been wrong, so a hard lesson for them is trying to live with no regrets. Mitch Albom says in Tuesdays with Morrie: “There is no point in keeping vengeance or stubbornness. These things” – he sighed- “these things I so regret in my life. Pride. Vanity. Why do we do the things we do? 

Any SOLAR Taurus’ task is to find a deep serenity in life. Anyone with difficult planets such as Saturn, Chiron or Pluto in Taurus or in the 2nd house is deeply challenged to find the substantial in living, uncovering talents and to surely growing closer to what is real. A fixation is stubborn, so whatever Taurus is holding onto so tightly it better be ABSOLOUTLY worth it and not purely be a case of damned inflexibility. Taureans may argue that they are not stubborn at all, but patient and determined. Language makes a world of difference to perception, but whatever the case, they hold on and on and on, long after everybody has gone. Sometimes a Taurus stands stubbornly like a rock while everything else flows around them, unmovable, but even plant-life is affected by the weather. We will always be blown by the wind and sometimes caught in the storm, nothing can remain unchanged.

The sky is filled with iridescent, bright, shimmering multicolored facets and is used as a map for human beings to find their way. It is thought to bring us order and harmony as we find ourselves piece by piece under the carefully concealed complexities of the cosmos. Einstein believed that no matter how highly trained the human mind it could never grasp the universe. The nighttime sky possesses its own language sparkling forever in the heavens. The universe is filled with data and organization as well as a dizzying array of infinite mysteries circling our world. Taurus is believed to have been one of the earliest named constellations. The starry clusters date back thousands of years and paintings thought to be around 16,000 years old found in the caves of Southern France show the earliest depiction of the Bull. So, even back then the Taurean archetype stubbornly existed and is simply timeless, grinding to a halt, even in this turbulent, constantly moving world.