Sun Opposite Moon

When the Moon is Full, an astrological opposition between the Sun and Moon occurs in the natal chart. It represents a powerful push and pull between feelings and conscious goals on an astrological level. While this aspect provides an individual the opportunity to shed a light on his innermost feelings, there is a risk of emotions erupting, as the lunar side promises to produce a host of painful and unconscious reactions. This constellation in the birth chart might sometimes imply that the individual’s parents were involved in a power struggle when he was a youngster, and he tends to find himself in similar polarised circumstances. The divide frequently manifests itself in his personal interactions, and one of his major life themes is learning how to balance the conscious and instinctual selves.

His solar personality provides insight into where he will shine greatest in life. Furthermore, sharing what makes him positively sparkle with pride and brilliance. It’s what’ll keep him shining brightly in the entire spectrum of his self-expression. The Moon mirrors his inner self and is fundamentally a location he is familiar with. Because there is a conflict between the luminaries, it manifests as an opposing force between what motivates him to radiate outward into existence and what motivates him to seek intuitive inner direction.

It usually shows up where the native’s Sun is in opposition to his Moon. The kid’s got a split personality – his head and his heart are disconnected. Contemporary Astrology

The ego, abilities, and unique purpose are in conflict with the tides of emotions arising from his personal life, household circumstances, and need to feel emotionally comfortable. The opposition’s uneasiness stems from the fact that his emotional comfort is threatened by the urge to be a distinct “I.” The Moon does not want to be separated from others, and no amount of personal accomplishment can satisfy his soul’s urge to belong.

Sun Opposite Moon: You may find yourself torn between two loves or passions, a love of the past versus the future, mother versus father, a younger crowd versus an older crowd. A basic antagonism of home and surroundings against the need to grow, progress, and push on. The Astrology Book: The Encyclopedia of Heavenly Influences

The pressure will drive him to seek solutions, and he’ll deal with the issues as they come. While there may be some uneasiness at first, he will learn how to establish a joyful marriage between the Sun and the Moon as time goes on.