The Hidden Forces: Exploring America’s Birth Chart through Mercury-Pluto

Liz Greene’s work, “Nostradamus: The Millennium and Beyond,” takes us on an into the astrological meanings found within Nostradamus’ prophecies. As we explore these puzzling verses, we uncover valuable astrological insights that give us deep understandings of the destinies of nations and the enfolding currents of history across the globe. A particularly interesting revelation in this study is the examination of America’s birth chart and the significance of the Mercury-Pluto connection as a symbol of transformation. This astrological aspect shines a light on the hidden aspects of the American psyche and reveals the less visible parts of the nation’s collective soul. Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect, and Pluto, the planet of profound change and regeneration, converge within America’s birth chart. This astrological alignment holds immense significance; it symbolizes the ongoing story of the United States’ growth and renewal. Just as Mercury’s swift motion and Plutonian intensity collide, so too does America’s ceaseless pursuit of knowledge and innovation intertwine with the capacity for radical change.

As the Mercury-Pluto aspect holds its influence over the USA, it speaks of the nation’s ability to unearth hidden truths, confront deeply buried issues, and undergo profound metamorphosis. This configuration speaks to America’s resilience, its aptitude for collective self-examination, and its capacity to explore the complex terrain of societal change. From this perspective, the connection between Mercury and Pluto in America’s astrological birth chart reveals deep understandings about the collective consciousness that has steered the nation’s course over many centuries. The celestial forces that have shaped their psyche tell a story of power dynamics, the metamorphoses, and the intense conflicts that are deeply embedded into the essence of the American experience.

At its core, this Mercury-Pluto opposition serves as a mirror reflecting the power struggles that have colored America’s historical landscape. It speaks of intense ideological battles, intense shifts in societal paradigms, and a relentless back and forth between forces that vie for supremacy. The reverberations of these struggles resonate through time, influencing policies, driving debates, and shaping the very ethos of the nation. Furthermore, it extends an invitation to confront the Plutonian shadows that have lingered beneath the surface of America. It’s a continuous reminder that behind the progress and growth, a concealed realm of unresolved conflicts, injustices, and wounds persists. This astrological alignment beckons us to shine a penetrating light into the depths of the national psyche, encouraging us to confront the darker chapters of history that often remain concealed. It compels us to reckon with uncomfortable truths and address the multifaceted aspects of the nation’s past.

According to Dane Rudhyar’s chart of America: Perhaps one of the most significant aspects within the birth chart of the USA with which we can make some judgement about the future is the Mercury and Pluto opposition. This configuration within an individual’s natal chart signifies a most interesting potential character. Seen as a characteristic of a nation, it would illustrate well, on the positive side, great subtlety, an interest in the invisible or hidden sides of life – such as concern in America for psychoanalysis, spiritualism, and religious cults. America was the first country to conduct reputable experiments in parapsychology. This along with an ability to penetrate to the truth and recognize the lies of others. On the negative side, it can reflect obsessive secrecy, deceptiveness, and undercover dealings. It’s one of the astrological placements that can (not necessarily will) produce a superb liar. As a national characteristic, it has its good points, one is a willingness to explore the world of the psyche. Other countries such as the United Kingdom and France, seem reluctant to do this. In the UK, even C.G Jung is not taught within university curriculum, except within the religious departments. In America, it is possible to acquire a degree in mythology and there are even discussions on the “West Coast” of starting astrology courses within universities because interest in these hidden aspects of life is not considered “weird”. An area of a negative aspect of Mercury-Pluto opposition is corruption in economic dealings in the form of secrecy. The amassing of wealth appears an immoral or unethical activity. Ironically, Americans see themselves as open, honest and frank in all areas of life. They criticize the British for being withdrawn, lacking in expression of their emotions, and non-communicative. Yet beneath the surface of apparent extroversion, Americans can sometimes be private about their inner lives. This is supported by a Mercury-Pluto opposition from Cancer to Capricorn in the American natal chart, which is a specific configuration that reflects a collective difficulty in expressing thoughts and feelings, and communication which appears to be open but conceals a great deal. The ubiquitous use of jargon, “buzz” and slang words, and “politically correct” expressions all reflect this kind of evasion. This is a general trend rather than a personal failing and suggests things are never quite as they appear to be, especially how America as a whole expresses itself to other countries, and in the way the government presents itself to the people. This enigmatic characteristic is typical in individuals of the Mercury-Pluto aspect. We saw this aspect most readily within the 1992 presidential election in which everyone seemed on the surface to be so enthusiastic, flag-waving and excited. But at the same time, there were rumors of numerous “dirty tricks” to discredit the candidates. This can be seen as a style of communication within the natal chart, even a congenital condition, of putting things away obliquely. This is part of the American way. Liz Greene