Astrology: Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

Alright, let’s dive into this astrological conundrum about lying, deceit, and all that jazz. Now, according to the astrological playbook, your natal chart supposedly holds the keys to your behavioral tendencies, including the propensity for a bit of fibbing. We’re talking about Mercury here – the celestial messenger in charge of communication and intellect.

Now, Mercury’s aspects, those planetary connections in your chart, they apparently give you a glimpse into how you might lean into lying, each in its own distinct way. But hang on, don’t go thinking that every Mercury aspect makes you a deceitful devil. People spin their web of lies for all sorts of reasons – it’s not just about pumping up their ego or serving their own agenda. Sometimes, lying becomes like air to breathe for some folks. It’s a survival tactic, a tool for navigating the world. Other times, it’s like a shortcut to the finish line – a means to an end. And hey, there are those who find their truth in deception, crafting a whole new persona like an artist with a canvas. Let’s not kid ourselves – dishonesty’s got a cozy spot in various professions too. You’ve got journalists, politicians, and those slick ad folks getting rewarded financially for their silver-tongued tales. It’s a weird world, ain’t it? And speaking of the weird, astrology suggests that we’ve all got a smidge of lying prowess hidden somewhere in our charts, thanks to Mercury’s placement. So, before you start pointing fingers at Mercury and blaming it for your white lies, remember that human behavior is a tangled mess of psychology, upbringing, experiences, and the choices we make. Can your natal chart reveal if you’re a Pinocchio in the making or a truth-telling machine? Let’s find out!  Who knew astrology could be so sneaky?

The Trickster in Myth

Ah, Mercury, you sly old trickster! In the realm of mythology, this celestial character is quite the multidimensional figure. Known as the god of quick wit, magic, and, let’s not forget, a healthy dose of deceit, Mercury is a cosmic player with some serious versatility. In the grand pantheon of deities, he’s got a knack for stirring up a storm, both in the heavens and in our lives. Imagine Mercury as the ultimate messenger between realms – the guy who knows how to dial up the gods and have a nifty chat. He’s got the gift of gab and a hotline to Olympus, making him a bit of a cosmic switchboard operator. But here’s where it gets intriguing: Mercury’s not just passing along messages; he’s got a talent for twisting them too. You see, this deity’s got a rather intricate relationship with honesty. He’s like that charming friend who can’t resist throwing a curveball in a conversation, just to see what happens. Crafty and manipulative? Oh, you bet. But it’s all part of his charisma. Mercury dances on the line between cunning and downright deceitful, with a twinkle in his eye and mischief on his mind. And then there’s Hermes, the Greek equivalent of Mercury, who’s taken quite a liking to this whole godly gig. As the patron god of merchants and thieves, Hermes is like the ultimate lifehacker of the divine world. With his agility, wit, and a knack for games and storytelling, he’s the one you’d want on your side during a high-stakes poker game – or if you happen to misplace your wallet.

Merchants love him for his knack at wheeling and dealing, while the mischievous thieves adore his ability to slip in and out unnoticed. Hermes embodies the very essence of adaptability and survival, making him a true hero for the crafty and the quick-witted. So, whether you’re gazing at the stars or delving into ancient tales, remember that Mercury and Hermes are like the con artists, weaving their stories and playing their games with a glint of mischief. They’re not just about deceit; they’re the embodiment of wit, charm, and the art of navigating the ever-shifting currents of life.

Modern Day Tricksters

Ace Ventura

Ah, Ace Ventura – the master of zany antics and animal antics! Portrayed by the uproariously talented Jim Carrey, Ace is a character that has left an indelible mark on comedy. He’s the embodiment of the “trickster” archetype, a blend of quirkiness, outrageous behavior, and an uncanny ability to solve pet-related mysteries. Picture this: Ace Ventura is not your average detective. Nope, he’s got a penchant for the peculiar, specializing in cases involving our furry and feathered friends. With his wild hair, over-the-top fashion choices, and that signature talk-to-the-animals maneuver, Ace is as eccentric as they come. And let’s not forget his extraordinary powers of observation – he can spot a pet’s peculiarities from a mile away, dissecting their behavior like a detective savant. But Ace isn’t just a one-trick pony; he’s a walking paradox. He’s got this unshakable vanity that’s only matched by his equally unshakable dedication to his craft. This guy’s like a whirlwind of charisma and chaos rolled into one. He’s not afraid to pepper his dialogue with some colorful language and irreverent humor, making even the most mundane situations erupt into a spectacle.

Oh, and the deductions! Ace can piece together complex puzzles faster than you can say “pet detective.” But here’s the kicker – he keeps those conclusions under wraps, revealing them with maximum impact at just the right moment. It’s all part of his theatrical flair – a dramatic flourish that keeps us guessing until the very end. And let’s talk about his personal life – Ace Ventura is a character that doesn’t shy away from being true to himself, no matter how unconventional it might be. He’s sexually promiscuous, talkative to a fault, and absolutely dedicated to his furry clientele. He’s like a whirlwind of energy, a walking, talking explosion of cleverness and eccentricity. The first film even gives us a glimpse into his backstory, hinting that he might have started in the police force before his larger-than-life personality clashed with the seriousness of the job. It’s like he was too much for the straight-laced world, so he carved his own niche where he could shine. So, there you have it, the one and only Ace Ventura – a character who takes the “trickster” archetype and cranks it up to 11, leaving us in stitches and marveling at his uniquely hilarious approach to life and detective work.

Caption Jack Sparrow

Ahoy there, matey! Captain Jack Sparrow, the charming and enigmatic pirate extraordinaire, is quite the mercurial figure, indeed. Portrayed by Johnny Depp in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series, Jack Sparrow sails through the high seas with a mix of cunning, charisma, and a touch of madness that makes him a true legend of the silver screen. Now, Jack Sparrow isn’t your typical pirate – he’s a Pirate Lord, ruling over the turbulent waters of the Caribbean with a flair for treachery and survival. He’s a master of the art of negotiation, using wit and craftiness to navigate the choppy waters of pirate politics and dangerous predicaments. Sure, he’s got a sword at his side, but he’s more likely to talk his way out of a sticky situation than engage in a full-blown brawl.

But let’s not kid ourselves – Jack Sparrow’s not just a smooth talker. He’s got a dash of that tricky Mercury essence in him too. He’s all about calculated risks and inventive solutions, often choosing to flee from danger rather than facing it head-on. It’s like he’s got a sixth sense for chaos, knowing just when to make a clever exit and leave the chaos for someone else to sort out. And that Black Pearl of his? Well, it’s not just a ship – it’s a symbol of his enduring spirit and his never-ending quest for freedom. Jack’s introduction in the first film has him aiming to regain control of his beloved ship from the clutches of a mutinous first mate. It’s like a metaphor for his rebellious nature and his refusal to let anyone else steer his destiny.

Now, when it comes to the sequels, things get even wilder. Sparrow’s got a blood debt to the infamous Davy Jones, and he’s going toe-to-toe with the East India Trading Company – talk about a high-stakes game of maritime chess. He’s not just sailing for treasure; he’s sailing for his very existence, using his quick thinking and that wily grin to keep one step ahead of disaster. So, there you have it – Captain Jack Sparrow, the swashbuckling trickster of the high seas. He’s a pirate with more wit than weaponry, and a charisma that could charm the wind out of its sails. He’s the embodiment of that mercurial spirit – a rogue with a heart of gold and a mind as sharp as his cutlass. Savvy?


Oh, Mercury, you celestial gossip and cosmic communicator, you! You’re the one who sets the stage for our chit-chats and shapes the way we share our thoughts. And let’s be real, you’re a bit of a shape-shifter yourself – adapting your style and spinning your tales based on the other planets hanging around in our birth charts. It’s like you’ve got this cosmic ensemble, and you’re taking cues from everyone else in the celestial party. Now, let’s talk about those Mercury-Jupiter personalities – they’re like a big burst of enthusiasm wrapped in a quirky charm. These folks aren’t just eager; they’re positively bursting at the seams with excitement. They’ve got those big ideas, those grand plans that could shake up the world – or at least, they think so. But here’s the twist – sometimes, they’re so busy dreaming up their next big adventure that they forget about the practical steps to get there. It’s like they’re the kings and queens of “start before finishing.” They’ll be onto the next grand scheme before you can even say “wait, what happened to the last one?”

And let’s not forget about that inflation of reality. These Mercury-Jupiter folks have a knack for making things sound more dazzling and fantastical than they might actually be. It’s not that they’re intentionally fibbing – oh no – it’s more about their over-enthusiasm taking the wheel and driving straight into Imagination land. They’re like storytellers who add a little extra sparkle to their tales, even if it means veering into the realm of hyperbole. And yes, they might have earned themselves the playful nickname “FULL of hot air.” It’s not meant as an insult; it’s more like a loving reminder of their boundless excitement and tendency to amplify their stories. They’re the ones who can turn a minor mishap into an epic adventure, all with a twinkle in their eye and a grin on their face. So, there you have it – the Mercury-Jupiter crew, the ones who shoot for the stars and aim to dazzle with their words. They might lose track of the details, and they might inflate reality a tad, but their boundless enthusiasm and quirky charm are like a breath of fresh air in a world that could always use a little more magic and wonder.


In her book Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil, Liz Greene claims that people born with a Mercury-Saturn aspect are deceptive even though they don’t appear to be.

Liz Greene says,

The curious expression of the chronic and uncontrollable liar is also one of the less attractive facets of Mercury-Saturn. But Saturn remains true to form here in that there must be present a reasonable degree of intelligence, sensitivity, and complexity in order for such distortion or OVERCOMPENSATION to exist.

Ah, Mercury-Saturn, the curious cosmic dance between communication and responsibility. These folks are like the storytellers of the zodiac, but with a twist of worry and a dash of complexity. It’s like they’re navigating a tightrope between intelligence and insecurity, spinning their tales in the realm of overcompensation.  It’s like they’re in this constant battle with themselves, worrying that their natural intelligence might not shine through. And ironically, many of them are actually quite smart. But that nagging Saturnian voice keeps whispering, “What if you’re not good enough?” So, they craft stories, they exaggerate, they fib – all to make sure they’re not left out of the conversation, to ensure they’re noticed and valued. And yes, the craftiness and judgmental tendencies of Mercury-Saturn can lead them down the path of manipulation and deceit. It’s not that they’re evil geniuses plotting world domination – it’s more about a deep-seated desire to fit in, to be part of the group, and to feel respected. But in their quest to avoid feeling excluded, they can end up digging themselves into a bit of a truth-twisting rabbit hole.

At the end of the day, it’s a complicated dance of insecurities and strategies. Mercury-Saturn personalities are like magicians trying to pull off a grand illusion to keep the spotlight on them. They’re not necessarily malicious – they’re just trying to navigate the ever-shifting currents of self-worth and acceptance. So, there you have it – the Mercury-Saturn storytellers who blend intelligence, insecurity, and a touch of distortion into their tales. They’re not just liars; they’re complex souls seeking their place in a world that sometimes feels like a maze of judgment and perception.


Ah, Mercury-Uranus, the truth-seekers and rebels of the cosmic conversation. These are the folks who chase after the facts and embrace their rebellious streak, all while juggling their own unique way of expressing themselves. They’re like lightning bolts of communication, sparking discussions and stirring the pot in their pursuit of understanding. Picture this: Mercury-Uranus personalities are like truth detectives, wielding their words to uncover the hidden gems of knowledge. Fibbing? Not their style. They’re all about transparency and authenticity, driven by a relentless curiosity that propels them forward in their quest for understanding. But here’s where the twist comes in – their rebellious spirit. When they’re passionate about a cause, they can flip their viewpoint in the blink of an eye, leaving everyone else a bit dizzy. It’s like they’re playing devil’s advocate with themselves, wanting to explore every nook and cranny of an idea. You’ll witness this unique dance of perspectives – stating one thing with conviction, then abruptly doing a 180 and passionately disagreeing with their own point. It’s not about inconsistency for the sake of it; it’s about pushing boundaries, expanding horizons, and challenging the status quo.

Now, the fun really starts when their inconsistencies are brought to their attention. Mercury-Uranus personalities can go from zero to irate in seconds, denying they ever said something they clearly did. It’s not that they’re intentionally being deceitful; it’s more about their rapid-fire thought process. They might genuinely forget what they just said a minute ago because their mind is racing at a million miles an hour. And let’s talk about feeling misunderstood and alienated – that’s their cosmic struggle. Their rapid shifts in viewpoint can leave others scratching their heads, trying to keep up. They’re like enigmas wrapped in intellectual puzzles, and not everyone can keep pace with their lightning-fast mental acrobatics.

So, there you have it – the Mercury-Uranus truth-seekers and rebels who wield their words like lightning bolts. They’re not your run-of-the-mill communicators; they’re the ones who make you question everything and embrace the unexpected twists of conversation. They might leave you feeling a bit baffled, but they’re the ones who remind us that communication isn’t just about agreement – it’s about exploration and growth.


Ah, Mercury-Neptune, the cosmic dreamweavers and imaginative wanderers. These folks are like wordsmiths of the surreal, painting their thoughts with a blend of reality and illusion. But be warned, deciphering their conversations can be like navigating a foggy labyrinth – it’s easy to get lost in their creative musings. Imagine this: Mercury-Neptune personalities are the artists of communication, infusing their words with a touch of magic and a hint of enchantment. They’re the ones who speak in poetic riddles and craft stories that dance between the real and the unreal. Their minds are like kaleidoscopes, constantly shifting and morphing perceptions. Now, here’s the thing – their apparent lack of knowledge of reality isn’t intentional. It’s not like they’re trying to deceive; it’s more about their connection to the ethereal realms. They’re like cosmic channelers, tapping into a stream of inspiration that’s not always grounded in the concrete facts of the here and now.

And let’s not forget – Mercury-Neptune folks are easy to deceive themselves. It’s like their porous minds can absorb information like a sponge, but sometimes that information gets a bit scrambled on the way in. They’re aware of their mental quirks, which might actually make them more sympathetic to the art of lying and deception. Now, here’s the kicker – their imaginative quality can sometimes be blown out of proportion. Sure, they’re dreamy and imaginative, and some things they say are elaborate fantasies. Astrologers place a lot of emphasis on their imaginative tendencies, leading to misunderstandings. Their conversations might be like surreal paintings – open to interpretation and not always easily grasped. And there’s the risk of drawing incorrect inferences and making erroneous assessments. When you’re swimming in the nebulous waters of Neptune, it’s easy to mix up reality and illusion. They might genuinely believe something that’s not quite accurate, or they might spin tales that leave you scratching your head.

So, here’s the twist – extremely imaginative lying. Yes, that’s a possibility. Their connection to the dream world can lead to fabrications that sound almost too fantastical to be true. And the inability to distinguish between the real and the false? That’s another symptom of their Mercury-Neptune dance. At the end of the day, Mercury-Neptune personalities are like starry-eyed storytellers who dance between the worlds of fact and fiction. They’re not just deceivers; they’re weavers of words that blur the lines between reality and imagination. So, when you’re conversing with them, be ready for a journey into the realms of the surreal and the mystical.


Ah, Mercury and Pluto, the dynamic duo of the mind and the underworld. When these two celestial heavyweights team up, you’re in for a psychological rollercoaster that delves deep into the realms of power, trust, and intrigue. Imagine this: Mercury, the planet of communication, is joining forces with Pluto, the cosmic detective who loves to uncover hidden truths. It’s like they’re putting on their best Sherlock Holmes attire and diving headfirst into the labyrinth of the mind. Now, here’s the twist – Mercury might try to mentally dominate the other person. With their superior analytical skills, these individuals can come across as master strategists, always a few steps ahead in the chess game of conversation. It’s not necessarily about manipulation, but more about a natural tendency to want to take charge intellectually.

And oh, trust issues. Mercury-Pluto folks are like vaults of secrets themselves, with a penchant for deceit and secrecy. They’ve danced in the shadows and know the art of keeping things hidden. But here’s the thing – they’re not just distrusting others; they’re also wary of being trusted. It’s like they’re guarding their vulnerabilities with an iron grip. But here’s where the criminal mastermind twist comes in. Mercury-Pluto personalities have an uncanny ability to tap into the minds of others, especially those on the shady side of the law. They can unravel motivations, predict actions, and see through the layers of deception. It’s not that they’re criminals themselves; it’s more about having an almost instinctual insight into the dark corners of human nature. So, when Mercury and Pluto team up, you’ve got a cosmic tag team that’s all about the power dynamics of the mind. There’s a tug of war between mental dominance and trust, and a hint of the criminal mastermind’s perspective that keeps things edgy and mysterious. It’s like they’re the detectives of conversation, always probing for hidden truths and pushing the boundaries of understanding.