Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and embodies a little bit of all the other signs. Perhaps that is why Pisceans can so readily identify with others and one of their greatest gifts is the ability to see the unity of all things. A Piscean is learning how to use these abilities and offers themselves as a gift to the larger life so that they can perform the work of salvaging what has been lost. The final sign on the zodiacal wheel symbolizes the spirit of the collective unconscious, wisdom and universal love which transcends the personal needs of the ego. Those born under the Fishes have the ability to feel genuine empathy and pity for human suffering, and the disadvantaged. Pisces listens absolutely and is accepting of all thoughts; there is a flowing process of acceptance and understanding.

When we reach the end of a cycle it often symbolizes a momentous release, symbolic of riding the last giant wave of earthly existence. In this sense, it is the place where we lose our masks, dissolve personas and there is a transparency and it can be a transformative, fluid process leading to our most creative acts. Pisceans have an innate understanding of mysticism and are drawn to living deeply spiritual lives. A Pisces knows that life is ever-changing and by letting go and surrendering to the flow, they will find a way to the spiritual source of their being. These souls are the most sensitive and mystically inspired, there are no boundaries, they absorb both the positive and the negative vibrations like a sponge.

Due to their overpowering emotional responses to both internal and external stimuli, they often have trouble coping with reality. As a mutable water sign, Pisces is less able to establish fixed rigid ways of viewing the world. It doesn’t easily define reality in concrete terms. Mutable water is very open and responsive to the hidden emotions of others, especially their unspoken sorrows. They feel weighed down and deeply saddened by the inhumanity that occurs throughout the world. As Pisces naturally empathizes with victims everywhere a soul-weary depression can result. Also, being the last sign – possess the most unguarded ego of all, and this makes them highly vulnerable to the outer world.

One fish swims upwards ready to heal and unify all beings wounded by life’s harsher, unjust realities. Pisces often works for the underprivileged, the sick and those unable to function in society. The other fish swims into the darker depths and are in danger of being dragged down in spirit into a fragmented, confused world of chaos. The greatest lesson that Pisces needs to learn is that, in order to live in the material world, they need to balance their spiritual aspirations with more worldly responsibilities.

Pisceans often have a vivid imagination living in the world of dreams. Naturally, their chameleon-like nature enables them to blend into a variety of different situations with ease. Pisces are not afraid of plunging into the world of feelings, they have a strong urge to explore the emotional realms in full. This is not a mind-orientated sign, but one of feeling and instinct. Discrimination is not their strongest attribute, and those born under this sign need to learn to be discerning when choosing friends and lovers. Often their compassionate nature means that others try and take advantage, and Pisces can easily be manipulated by a sob story. A Piscean can also easily lose a sense of identity, because they are like a psychic sponge and they absorb everything, obscuring a sense of self. Whilst this is the sign with the least self-preoccupation, they are fascinated by their dreams, imaginations, and unconscious.

Pisces have difficulty escaping from their own inner world and also need to be careful of slipping away into nothingness and becoming invisible. When the Piscean is disconnected from the true source of its nature, they can become aimless, depressed, addictive, seeking transcendence through drugs, alcohol, or other addictive behavior that takes them away from the harsh realities of life. Sometimes they tend to do things in excess and need to learn how to discriminate and set boundaries. Pisces aspires towards self-sacrifice, it can often be found searching around desperately for a cause to which they can feel devoted to. Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac wheel and represents the completion of a cycle.