The Red Planet: Mars

Mars is the solar system’s “strong arm,” and its influence helps us to become fearless in our pursuit of happiness and fulfilment. By inspiring us to forge our own paths in life, it helps us develop the strength and resourcefulness necessary to stand up for what we believe in and protect our own interests. The red planet in one’s horoscope can help one be heard, express anger when necessary, and release pent-up frustration. The things we want in life can be seen in the area of the horoscope where Mars resides, which is tied to the energy and motivations that drive us.

You Gotta Fight for Your Rights

When times get hard, it’s important to speak up for what we want, keep a positive attitude, stand our ground, and maintain our unique identities. The planet’s overarching purpose is not simply to help  us deal with external, undesired pressure, but also with the psychological turmoil that exists within each of us. Mars enjoys putting us through a variety of challenges to gauge our mettle. Its natal placement can shed light on whether or not we have the mental, emotional, and physical fortitude to see a challenge through to its bitter end.

If we want to emerge victorious in life’s battles, we must vocalize our desires, rise to our own defense, radiate positivity, safeguard our stance, and fiercely preserve our uniqueness when the going gets rough. 

On Selfishness

Aspects to our Mars can provide light on the lessons we learnt as children about being selfish because of the egocentric nature of the Martian drive. When taught from a young age that it is unacceptable to be selfish, some people have a difficult time later in life when they are unable to ask for what they want, believing that asking for what they want is a cardinal sin. Some people have a classic “survival of the fittest” mentality because they were raised in a harsh, competitive, and ultimately unforgiving environment. Mars’ destructive force, at its worst, might cause us to act in the heat of the moment without giving any thought to the repercussions. Due to its extreme volatility and primitive nature, this planet functions best when people are focused and motivated.

I have found that those who are most angrily vocal in the condemnation of individual striving usually have a powerful but difficult Mars in the birth chart. You can see that Mars is never very good on committees and makes a very poor socialist, because it is not interested in principles; it is interested in survival and gratification of desire. The Inner Planets: Building Blocks of Personal Reality (Seminars in Psychological Astrology)

Living Sexy

Whereas the planet Venus is attracted to the harmony of sexual union and sensuous pleasure, Mars is more of a sign of how sexually aggressive a person is. In contrast, the red planet symbolizes the sexy aspect of life through its associations with forceful behaviour such as pursuing, chasing, and penetrating. The position of Mars in a man’s horoscope is indicative of his attitude towards and expression of his masculinity. It details the characteristics of a guy that a woman finds appealing, as well as the ways in which the woman herself expresses the Mars spirit. Since Mars infuses our lives with such vitality and excitement, it stands to reason that we experience an increase in strength, confidence, and vitality as we become more true to ourselves and express our Mars.

While Venus seeks the sweet symphony of physical intimacy and indulgence, Mars is more about the raw passion and primal desire. Its position in a man’s horoscope can reveal a lot about his manhood and how he chooses to wield it. It’s all about finding out what makes a man irresistible to a woman and how the woman unleashes her inner warrior according to her astrological chart. Our fiery friend, the red planet, adds a spark of pzazz to our mundane lives. It’s no wonder that we feel strong, sexy, and energetic when we unleash our inner Martian and live life to the fullest. Mars is more of a spicy kick that ignites the fire within. Thanks to the red planet, our lives are infused with passion and excitement. It’s only logical that the more we express our inner Mars, the stronger, mightier, and more vibrant we become.

The Good Knight/Bad knight?

Personality traits associated with too much Mars include an underlying tendency towards hostility, an excess of aggression, and an overactive sense of threat even when none actually exists. In the horoscope, it shows how we channel our energy, our potential for fighting and violence, and our propensity to lose our cool quickly if not managed properly. It’s a sobering reminder that true independence demands courage and a willingness to do whatever it takes to make something happen. We need not just a great deal of drive but also the conviction that what we do matters in the grand scheme of things in order to realize our maximum potential. Mars and the Sun collaborate to foster a strong sense of identity, allowing us to pursue our most meaningful goals, and accomplish what matters to us. When we engage in healthy opposition and healthy competition, we gain the confidence and motivation to take on the world and develop our abilities. To turn a dream into a reality, we must summon all of our inner fortitude. We should all come to the fight ready. Everyone from young to elderly, healthy to sick, male to female.