Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune: Another Dose

I’ve been wondering if the flavour of the Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune conjunction has any bearing on the events of the moment. The United Kingdom has experienced an outbreak of Swine Flu as well as the largest measles epidemic in many years. Chiron, in astrology, has been associated to issues of this size in the physical world.

According to Liz Greene’s Barriers and Boundaries: The Horoscope and the Defences of the Personality:

“Chiron is often linked with physical problems—of both an organic and functional nature. Bitterness and disillusionment can express themselves somatically—perhaps in really lethal diseases like Cancer, but perhaps more frequently in a general lowering of resistance, leading to a predisposition of infections. Abscesses and boils, which are often linked with Pluto, may also reflect Chiron’s inability to throw off infection. This is a kind of somatised infection, a retaining of poison, and an inability to fight off the nasties, which enter the system from the outside. It is as though the body is saying, “What’s the point? Life is horrible anyway, so I just won’t bother to fight.” I have seen a number of examples of Chiron’s relationship with toxic conditions. Any of you who have ever gone through any dietary procedure to clear toxins will know that one of the immediate emotional effects is rage.”