An individual with Saturn in the 3rd house frequently has some form of difficulty with communication. To begin, the individual has often felt unable to be communicative with their classmates and feared being ridiculed for how they speak.They feel that what is communicated is severely criticised, so pain, fear and insecurity prevent them from even trying. As a result, they are reluctant and afraid to make a mistake in front of others, they see themselves as inadequate and are self-conscious about what others think.

Words are often a challenge and they may have struggled with some form of a language barrier. Those with this placement are not always the most spontaneous when it comes to the area of learning, everyday small talk and conversations. The individual doesn’t have much love for light-hearted topics and they can be very serious-minded, often disliking any form of superficiality.

The mind may have great depth and concentration in the area of study, but they are often afraid to brave new and untested ideas. With Saturn placed in this position it commonly denotes an exacting and analytic mind, which may have been the result of a lot of rules that were put into place during the early years of schooling. From a young age, some of them have been taught to follow everything by the letter, and may appear insecure learners, taking their time with everything and always lending an air of caution.

Perhaps all the fun was taken out of education by an authority figure who expected them to always make the grade. There may have been obligations around education that didn’t leave much time for socialising with school friends. The individual was possibly denied an education or attended a school filled with strict rules and regulations. As children, they may not have felt valued for their ideas and were called stupid. The person may have been ignored and told their thoughts never mattered, and so they learned to keep quiet and only opened up when they felt they were saying the right thing.

The mind usually relies on what is known and familiar. What is tried and tested? The individual could have a unique talent for organising and structuring learning, and they are frequently coming up with sound and grounded advice. They manage and control mental tasks through persevering and striving for excellence, and security for this type is gained through understanding the facts and efficiently learning every single detail, otherwise, information can feel quite intimidating.

Relationships with siblings and school friends (or lack of) may have been a struggle growing up and there was a sense of early isolation or too much responsibility for a brother or sister. Delays with transport is another possible expression of this placement.

“Again the whole point of Saturn in the 3rd house is that one is not condemned to a life of inarticulate misery hobbling around on crutches missing trains. Rather, this placement is an invitation to develop the potentials of a deep and steady mind, to refine the capacity to communicate more clearly with others, and to discover the kind of joy that learning about something brings – The Twelve Houses

Saturn in the 3rd House – Speech Impediments and Blocks to Learning

Sometimes this placement reveals itself through actual physical impediments like stammering, learning disabilities and a general lack of confidence in this area causes them to underrate any intellectual achievements. They often read something in a slow and painstaking manner going over the same ideas again and again. The barrier that is standing in the way of them communicating freely is the fear of mental inadequacy. The individual often doubts their own intelligence, and sometimes as a form of compensation the individual may either say a few carefully selected words or over-talk in an effort to distract others.

Saturn in the 3rd house will defend themselves from looking a fool, and the style of speech may be slow and heavy. The mind is sometimes pessimistic and they are always saying no to every new learning opportunity and this creates mental rigidity in the individual. Learning may be a life-long goal and the individual seeks purposeful information and tries hard to gain physical qualifications.

An individual born with Saturn in the 3rd house is developing the intellect and opening up and learning to articulate with others. They may want to become an authority on a subject and this may mean dealing with crippling insecurities and blocks in the immediate learning environment by developing social maturity and mental discipline. The person is learning to structure their ideas and develop their communication skills, without a shadow of a doubt.