Archetypal Astrology

Archetypal AstrologyEvery sign in the zodiac can be associated with a mythological story and every planet with a divine figure, a “god” with certain properties. This divine figure can appear in different guises and under different names. Thus, the Moon can be regarded as Hera, Hathor or Ishtar. It can also symbolize other images, like the womb, the World Tree, and the underwaters. These symbolical figures have their roots in the archetypal layer in the psyche of Man, according to Jung.

This is how we can see that figures from mythology are associated with archetypal images and actually can be said to have an influence over us. Maybe our life has been overshadowed by a too dominant “Zeus-figure,” or we might have acted out the rage of Medea at times. By drawing parallels to mythological figures and C.G. Jungs’ theory of the archetypal images when studying the horoscope, our individual, mythological drama can be easier to understand in a new way that we might not have given much thought to. Source…

Read the book “Mythic Astrology: Internalizing the Planetary Powers” to learn more about this type of astrology.