Uranus Transits

Having the planet Uranus in transit indicates that you will have experiences that are powerful and sometimes difficult. Movements of this kind may be used to describe moments in a person’s life when they have more freedom and make greater development. The energy that comes from Uranus is progressive, energetic, and focused on the future. The planet rouses dormant energies and instils within us a revolutionary, defiant, and wilful drive, which, in turn, liberates us from established routines and limiting conditions. Depending on the person, movementsĀ like this might either make them feel free or unsettled. Uranus and Pluto are often the planets that bring about the most profound and far-reaching changes in our lives. In addition, these two planets have the ability to uproot, try to disrupt, and compel change onto us. According to Jeff Green, the area of the natal chart governed by Uranus in terms of house placement and aspects is the one in which we have the most potential for rapid development (Uranus: Freedom from the Known). Uranus is an idealistic planet that can never accept situations or individuals for who or what they truly are. Uranus rules growth and evolution in the cosmos.

In order to give it to humanity, Prometheus stole fire from the gods. It was done to enhance human beings and make us more “god-like.” Uranus gives us the same idealistic vision and reformist/rebellious attitude wherever we find it. Uranus transits have the power to alter the trajectory of our lives, but they also have the potential to obliterate our previous identities and ways of being. Holding on to outdated practises just because they have worked in the past won’t get us out of this jam. And wherever part of the cosmos Uranus is exploring at the time, that part of life is likely to become more out of the ordinary, and the more we strive to make things “normal,” the more unexpected situations we see.

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