Scorpio is an incredibly complex and misunderstood sign. Single minded, and driven by an intensity of purpose. Scorpios approach life with total commitment or none at all. The Scorpion is willing to tear down the past of a whole relationship if someone isn’t dedicated, loyal or devoted to the union. They have the gift for seeing through pretense, and sometimes there can be possessiveness in relationships keeping close tabs on a partner. In Scorpion relationships, one never knows if a relationship will last forever, or end in destruction as the passions are a smoldering force of human desire and frustration. However, they take love very seriously and are never lighthearted in their approach immersing the soul deep into the partner.

Deep their obsessive control, they are not selfish lovers. Scorpios are highly sensitive and will instinctively know how to loosen inhibitions. they give as much as they take. Scorpios want to bring their partners to unlimited heights of ecstasy and hold them there until the line between agony and pleasure is completely blurred…Scorpios don’t want to just take possession of the body; they want the mind and the soul as well. The Mysterious Scorpio

This deep, secretive, and impenetrable sign has an air of mystery, a secretive, and a powerful aura. They give off a controlled intensity, and the strong impulse to immerse themselves in life is no more evident than in close relationships where the battlefield of love often takes place. They’re drawn to drama and encounters situations that transform him in some way, and it may come through a deep loss. In later life, it may lead Scorpio into the role of the therapist, healer, and psychiatrist, and there may be an interest in the occult with a voracious desire to know the secrets of the universe.

Often intensely lonely and with an insatiable need to connect deeply with others, Scorpios have an overwhelming desire to feel a strong emotional bond with anything, or anyone, in which their energy is fused. The Scorpio individual is on the path towards learning how to come to terms with their own darkness, to understand the psychological emotions, desires, and needs that underpin all of their behavior. Osho believed that too much closeness in a relationship is dangerous, as the other may see the reality of one’s being. In relating closely people see more of what is underneath, and Scorpio understands this like no other. The individual is characterized by passionate, emotional convictions, and is often driven by jealousy, obsession, and a need to plumb the depths of any situation.

To Scorpio, death is not always the end, and in many ways they are always moving toward rebirth. To have power over death and to illustrate the real meaning of life after death, with the empowering feeling of having stared into its abyss and won. According to Zen teachings, life is not exclusive of death; death is not exclusive of life, no longer plural but singular. In The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness – Freud in the 1920s formulated a new theory in which the passion for destroying (“death instinct”) was considered equal in strength to the passion for loving (“life instinct”) and sexuality.

The underlying principle of Scorpio is transformation, and this doesn’t come easy. The transformation is coupled with pain, agony, and sometimes torment. It is as if the person spirals downwards to the bottom of its nature. It often involves the release of the ego and this usually triggers suppressed emotions, those feelings that have been shoved down into the pit of the personality. Being the second water sign on the zodiac wheel, Scorpio reaches a point of emotional crisis, and one could say a place where they are at a cathartic precipice, where the unconscious, the stuff they have buried is looking for some kind of final resolution.

Scorpio is the ruler of plot twists, fateful events, and secrets. Often something that has been kept hidden comes to the surface, resulting in a  massive explosion of emotion. Throughout life, information is revealed holding important knowledge about Scorpio’s destiny. It may come in the guise of an enduring puzzle, deep dark secrets that they themselves dig up. Scorpio is a place of healing, of facing the shadow and overcoming its emotional demons.

Profound emotions usually hide their vulnerability, they will sting and wound anyone who seems to threaten its protective layers, for they are certainly no pushovers, lashing out when others invade their space. Scorpio operates between passionate engagement with the object of their desire to frozen withdrawal, traversing between the hot and cool nature of the sign. In Scorpio, there is no medium, in-between, or half-way, no lukewarm feelings here. While intimacy heals many wounds from the past, being so close to others can hurt as well, and so over time, the Scorpion has built up many levels of self-protectiveness, an almost impenetrable fortress.

Exposing our psychological selves to others involves trust, and when we don’t use good judgment regarding the partners we choose, such exposure of our private selves can result in criticism, ridicule, and abandonment. A Scorpio hates their own emotional vulnerability, fears humiliation, and will do whatever it takes to hide their vulnerable self. At their core, they are sensitive, being a water sign, their element will always rule sway. However, being ruled over by Pluto, there is much that is hidden, secret and buried in the personality that it may seem almost impossible to know them on an intimate level.

Scorpios are hard to get to know and they need to look deep within to come to terms with their own mysterious nature. Scorpio is the sign most susceptible to the forces of dark and light, and they dread the thought of losing control, and this drives them to dominate everything in their world. Scorpio knows human beings all carry within them a dark side and is filled with deep insecurity, the kind that makes the world appear untrustworthy. If you humiliate Scorpio, you better watch out! This sign is an emotionally volatile sign, they are prone to sting. It is one of their most instinctive responses, and the type will not allow themselves to be teased, scolded or even threatened in demeaning ways, there is an enormous amount of pride.

When Scorpio reacts, they aim for the weakest part of the individual, they are super clued into what goes on underneath a person, beyond the exterior, and they often aim their punches on the psychological level where more damage can be done. Scorpio’s passion is even more intensified, because it is often restrained or suppressed, only making it more powerful. Scorpio needs to learn to release their heated emotions more often before they get out-of-control and upset the relationships that are deeply valued.

Scorpio is capable of putting up many psychological barriers, designed to forbid access to the underground world of the unconscious which is kept under firm lock and key. No secrets are to be kept from Scorpio, and if needed, they will enter into another’s territory to get any secret information to keep them in control. Self-aware Scorpio types are dedicated to the exploration of the mysteries of human complexity; they seek out knowledge, regarding the nature and power of their inner depths. Subjects like psychology, the occult, healing and transformation. The realm of Scorpio is where we undergo the beginnings of metamorphic change which later erupt to alter the landscape of our outer world, like a volcano.

The interior parts of Scorpio are where the subconscious well of secret fears, hatreds, lusts, compulsions, and other discomforting feelings live. When they exist in these states of emotion they continue to consume their energy and leave us in toxic states. Scorpio has extraordinary stamina in the face of pain and traumatic experiences and the sign possesses incredible willpower.

Scorpio is the catalyst for growth, change, and transformation, and no matter how painful the journey, they are willing to travel to the depths of their own being. This may involve mythical battles with the dragon of the unconscious terrain, a confrontation with those inner demons and psychological complexes that disturb the tranquility of life. Scorpio is life and death. Before the phoenix rises from the ashes, they often live in a locked state of darkness, until that time they take flight and show us the true power that nature possesses.