Aries Rising

We can appreciate that everyone approaches life and its challenges in an assortment of ways. So, if you have Aries rising you tackle the world impulsively, independently, and with enormous mental and physical stamina. The positive role of your psychological development is autonomy. It refers to the ability to behave independently – to perform actions on your own, and you insist on it.” I can do it myself” is going to be your lifetime theme, and it gives a strong foundation for the developing self-confidence and feeling of delight in doing things without any help. It occasionally reflects a past lifetime 1 of being much less assertive. The hypothesis is that now you must live life flying solo. This can mean that you don’t worry about limitations and seek to be first and best in new situations and walk in with a spirit of competition.

In everyday life you come across as enthusiastic and may have a habit of rushing into situations without thinking. Fire signs placed on this angle are more robust and energetic than other rising signs. With Aries, in particular, you don’t like to wait around to get things done. The thing with Aries is that it represents the divine spark of life and the sense that we are each born with an individual destiny. You follow this course with urgency and immediacy prevail and will often look as if you are in a hurry to be somewhere. You like to feel as if you are in charge of your own life, and this part of your character makes you exciting to be around. Furthermore, you may be straightforward and direct, but this is due to the expressiveness of your outer nature.

On an inner level, Aries is orientated by the intuitive function and this type of consciousness is fully aware of the ‘specialness’ of individual human beings and cannot refrain from the need to express themselves as much as possible. When they do so, they tend to dramatize the situation actively and cheerfully. This stems from Fire’s desire to be recognized, although Aries is not so strongly concerned about this as Leo. Aries desires independence and is not particularly interested in what others are up to, but no one must interfere with their own activities, lest they invoke the notorious Arian temper. Losing one’s temper is merely another channel for sudden bursts of energy to find a release. Arthur Dione

The unconscious half of Aries (Libra on the Descendant) seeks partnership and to relax in a peaceful environment. However, with Aries rising you like to distinguish yourself from the pack and are oriented towards activities that help to define this Self through a singular identity. Initiating situations and moving on to the next challenge, you spontaneously put yourself to the front. The need to act and physically do something sets you apart, and as your ruling planet is MARS look to its sign and house position and this will describe how you can best direct your energetic, assertive, and ambitious personality. According to Charles Carter, those with this sign rising are impetuous, warm, but make self-willed partners and sometimes marry in haste.

The personalty filters in this ascendant are under the rulership of Mars. Speed of thought, feeling, and activity are imperative to express the rest of the chart, you feel the need to grab onto things before others do; you must capture opportunities before they slip away…it will push objects, people, or experiences into your inner being so quickly that you become completely out of tune with yourself. You may try to tap resources of inner being before they are ready…Oneness of being is what keeps you at the source. When your personalty can identify with this idea, the entire chart functions toward a singular purpose. The Ascendant: Your Karmic Doorway

  1. Depending on the South Node and Moon analysis