Scorpio Ascendant Man

I was joking with my partner the other day over this reading for a Scorpio Ascendant Man. The interpretation is taken from Love Planets by M.J Abadie and Claudia Bader.

My other half is extremely private in public and hates anybody knowing his business. He sure has that fix in his eyes and will stare anyone down, and has a love for the Supernatural #the series. The part about money multiplying in his hands – he wishes! Based on this reading, he is one of those factory-made Scorpio Ascendants. Many people don’t relate to their Ascendant sign, but he could never deny his Pluto veneer. So, for all you Scorpio risings out there, turn on your sexy, smouldering stare with pride.

“I am not an easy guy to understand or to get a handle on. That’s because I’m naturally secretive and hidden inside myself. I don’t go around slopping out my innards on all and sundry. I keep myself to myself. That’s because I’m always on the alert—for danger, for sexual opportunities. I can intimidate a roomful of people without even trying, just by my intense attitude and air of mystery. I’m the “tall, dark, handsome stranger” even if I’m a 5-foot, 5-inch blonde. It’s my aura. Comes with the territory. My eyes are the fix. I can stare down anyone without a flicker of a blink. It’s evident to anyone with whom I come into contact that I’m out to accomplish my goals, whatever they are. I don’t fool around. My objectives are fixed, and I put all of my energy behind getting them achieved. I have within me hidden sources of strength and power that I can draw on at will. Most people don’t know about these things, and that gives me a considerable edge. But I keep quiet about it most of the time.

Money isn’t a problem for me, because I understand intuitively how these things work. Money multiplies in my hands, and it’s rarely an issue. This may be because I’m circumspect. I don’t mouth off about my affairs and when I have to put something in writing, I’m careful of what it is and who sees it. I’ve a well deserved reputation for secrecy.

Sex is a major influence on me, and it is never very far from my thoughts. In spite of my sexual orientation, I can be sentimental when I’m in love, even selfless. I give of myself, and I’m very deep. This deepness makes me a hard worker. I’m an original thinker and a self-starter. I get a lot done in a short time because I’m efficient and I take charge. I’ll help the other guy out, but then I expect him to learn and carry on on his own. Wealthy women find me attractive, and all women are fascinated by my interests in mystery and supernatural events, séances in particular. As Shakespeare said, “There are more things in heaven and earth…than are dreamed of…”

Love Planets