Mercury in Taurus

mercury-in-taurusThose born with Mercury in Taurus form conclusions based on physical facts and direct experience. The planet Mercury in astrology relates to how we connect to one another, communicate, and rules over our perceptions and wit. Mercury’s sign tells us the way an individual expresses all of these concepts it has a lot to do with how we are wired and the mind can be similar to a radar taking in data, observations, and represents the kinds of things we pay attention to in the environment.

Mercury also describes the way we learn our mentality and the way one thinks. When Mercury is placed in Taurus the mind is tied up to material levels of thought, and they may constantly be thinking up practical ways to make more money. Those with Mercury here are less interested in abstract ideas and possibilities the individual prefers workable techniques that are valuable and seeing is believing with this sign. Also, he needs to know something thoroughly before jumping into a quick decision, and the mind needs to search for value in a conversation, an exchange or even when reading a book. The Taurean style of discerning and rational thinking depends on things which can be applied consistently and ideas that are tangible, real and solid.

There is usually a good head for business, and Taureans think a lot about their financial security and often has a good head for finance, with a stable and cautious approach to most things as the individual tends to follow the ‘keep it simple approach and often presents things visually through art presentations. A focus may also be on documents involving property or land and buildings. The person tends to prefer ideas and concepts that  are familiar, but this can also cause the mind to get into ruts and become stuck in routines, so the type may like to do their intellectual activities at particular times and don’t like to be rushed in their daily rounds of everyday life, and when reading and writing preferring to move at a steady pace. The perceptions are more deliberate, and the learning environment has to be secure and it may take longer to comprehend something, but due to their fixed nature, once learned it tends to stay in place, and it can be relied on.

Mercury in Taurus gives a deep appreciation for art and beauty, or love and nature, and there is usually a good sense of form. This person may have a beautiful speaking or singing voice, or communicate about art and music. Those with Mercury here wants everything to be simple, and the type is not likely to jump to conclusions, and usually possesses plenty of common sense. However, once an idea is planted in their mind, it is solidly rooted. Mercury here assists the mind to work something out practically, and the mind ponders slowly every decision. The type won’t be pushed into making a decision quickly, and will express itself thoughtfully, quietly, slowly and cautiously. Mercury here likes to chew things over slowly, and any idea that challenges an already fixed concept is reluctantly accepted.

Mercury in Taurus learns best when allowed to go at their pace, and the native takes time to learn a new subject. Some with this placement may be mentally laid-back, and take a long time to complete a project. Ideas can be conservative and traditional, and these people are not easily swayed by others. Once they have made up their mind, the type isn’t likely to change it, and wherever Taurus is in the chart is where we can be stubborn by nature, digging our heels into the ground. Taurus is immovable and it can be difficult to be bending; it often takes a lot of persuasions to budge the individual once the mind has decided, and this can also work in their favour because once they begin a project they aren’t like to give up and tend to stay the course. Mentally ideas need to time to sit and this person may be slow to form opinions, but there is plenty of mental determination and excellent powers of concentration, but they need to be aware of their tendency towards intellectual obstinacy and fixed patterns of mental expression. The danger of this position is mental inertia, but they are noted for their realistic solutions, and when in a debate, they construct a careful and well thought-out argument and things have to be certain before they give their word.

The Mercury in Taurus type may be accused of being conservative and mentally obstinate in their thinking, and won’t waste time thinking about something that isn’t practical and usually they have a solid, real and workable plan ready to put in place. Ideas usually take time to grow, but things that are slow cooked are always worth the wait, and when they give their opinion it is usually valuable. Taurus is the sign of the evergreen, and the mind is a bit of mental gardener and things need a solid, practical foundation, and once the mind set in motion there is determination and self-reliance, and this is an individual that sees ideas through to the end. The intellect is plodding, thorough, and there can be long periods of grazing, sometimes mentally laid back, and the person enjoys some food for thought, something to ruminate on for a while.

The placement may well work for those who are financial advisors, a person who comes up with ways to make money, and maybe giving advice of Taurean things such as gardening and beauty, and because Mercury also rules the intellect and craft through the 3rd/Gemini and 6th/Virgo archetypes there may be real skills in the area of designing, fine art and the individual might enjoy crafting something of beauty. The mind appreciates that which is beautiful and they like to think about quality, craftsmanship and how something is made and possessing a mind geared towards the traditional. Taurus is also a stabilizing energy and things last a long time, like their opinions, views and ideas.

Mercury in Taurus; The patient thinker—Strength: Down to earth thinking. Healthy common sense. Deliberate, sometimes slow, but there is a thorough, logical and a persevering perceptive faculty. Realistically, materialistically, and sensually orientated. Practical rather than abstract intelligence. Thinks in tried and true lines of concepts. Avoids versatility, preferring to build on a single foundation. Problem Area: Simplistic thinking. Narrow-minded, dogmatic, stubborn, immovable, inflexible, incorrigibly rigid, and conservative. Suspicious of all theories and new ideas. Key Words for Astrology