If your Sun is opposite Saturn, you may have trouble expressing yourself and have a low opinion of who you are. Sun-Saturn types tend to be quite sensitive to the feedback and judgements of others around them. This reflects their insecurities, sense of inferiority, or fear of rejection. Perhaps you were subjected to severe criticism when you were younger, and you’ve allowed that experience to shape your core views about yourself. Sun-Saturn longs for the freedom to express their true selves without worrying about how their actions and words will be perceived by others. Those who are particularly affected in this area may conclude that life is nothing but a series of cruel jokes played by an evil cosmos. The person always seems on guard, and their facial expression may be afraid, worried, or overly controlled. Possessing this character may suggest having a weak ego that is easily crushed by the world.

Saturn, when operative restrictively is the prime obstacle to free expression; indeed, one may say that it always hostile to free expression; and within these, and on the terms it dictates, it permits expression, but not otherwise. Essays on the Foundations of Astrology

It’s common for those with a projected Sun-Saturn aspect to have difficulty getting along with those in authoritative positions and to experience feelings of unfavorability, frustration, and ridicule. All of this, of course, destroys your confidence and leaves you defenceless. One of the most important lessons one may learn is that only one’s own approval matters in the long run. The Sun represents the heart chakra and the core of one’s essence, making it an important indicator of success and joy in life. Saturn represents challenges, obstacles, and setbacks encountered in striving for solar self-development. Every  life has a significant impact on the planet and as such, we must all apply our collective wisdom, take full ownership of our actions, and persevere through the inevitable challenges and disappointments that are an inevitable part of every life worth living.

Anxiety kills relatively few people, but many would welcome death as an alternative to the paralysis and suffering resulting from anxiety in its severe form – David H. Barlow Anxiety and its Disorders.

The chart’s oppositions can be overcome by channelling all that energy into a single direction. If you think in terms of either/or, day/night, yin/yang, black/white, then you will miss out on the best of what each sign has to offer. When the Sun is in opposition to Saturn, it’s time to confront your fears, take lessons from your failures, and break free from destructive patterns. It’s nice to have something to rely on and feel secure in, but when it’s always the same, it stifles creativity and innovation. Remember that you are a master architect in this world, and that in order to be successful, you must create harmony by arranging things in a way that is beneficial, and then expressing this perfection through the symbols of the signs that are diametrically opposed to one another. You can channel the sun’s positive energy by demonstrating maturity, responsibility, and loyalty. The Sun’s energy will be more manageable if it is focused in this way, reducing the likelihood of confrontations with the outside world and other people. Introspection that requires you to look deeply within can be a scary and humiliating ordeal. Developing a solid sense of self is a major obstacle on the path to a complete and fulfilled identity. Once you begin making progress in life, you will need to find the optimal level of self-confidence for you.