Counting Down the Days


Transits unfold the potential within in each natal chart, and they also make us more aware of complex patterns and the fixed beliefs we hold about ourselves. Natal charts are frozen and motionless until a transiting planet comes along and activates our horoscope.

A transit describes a journey on course for a destination with an arrival time and a time of departure. Unlike trains, transits are always on time; there are no delays unless it’s a Saturn transit then the transit itself will probably feel like one big delay. However, it is necessary to spot these transient times approaching and prepare for them.

The outer transits can be those big turning points, those critical ones in an individual’s life. Dane Rudyhar suggests the soul be totally open to the possibility of a radical transformation saying that “certain events” that are considered upsetting should be considered a revelation when new possibilities begin to break through.

Transits map the road ahead; the unexpected paths (Uranus); the slippery slopes (Neptune); the dangerous corners (Pluto). They divide a human life and create definite markers unfolding the path of one’s destiny. The transitions in life, mark personal challenges, growth, and the planets interact with us and stir a reaction. Using the art of astrology we can foresee this journey and when things are likely to happen and our eventual meeting with fate.

The moving planets continually challenge us to know who we are. We all have times in our lives when the pressure piles on, and we are sometimes humbled by life’s blows. When dealing with difficult “transitions” in life we need to act from the centre (Sun) of who we are and what we represent and to live life with meaning.

“Over the years I have come to believe that a great deal of what we assume to be fated, in terms of transits and progressions, is not fate at all – it is our unconscious complexes at work. As individuals and as a collective, we unwittingly contribute to, create, or are drawn to situations which enact internal issues – either because we have been avoiding these issues in the past, or, because they are simply ripe and the kairos, the right moment has arrived.” The Horoscope in Manifestation: Psychology and Prediction

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