A trine aspect is a 120-degree angle between two planets on the astrological chart, and it is the strongest of the fortunate aspects (sextile and trine).  But while the sextile aspect holds the “potential” for gifts, some extra work is needed in order to activate it to its fullest. Whereas the trine kind of has it made, gaining a reputation for being super positive, enjoyable, and “easy.” On occasion, though, the trines in the natal chart have been given less importance than other factors.  As an example, Sue Tompkins, astrologer and author of  The Contemporary Astrologer’s Handbook (Astrology Now), commented that it is best to completely ignore the trines in astrological readings and regards them as having no “oomph.” So, while the easy aspects are effortlessly integrated into the personality and symbolize our natural talents and areas of ease; they don’t require a lot of effort and are second nature. With trines, opportunities land in one’s lap, so to speak, and they represent areas in our life that just seem to “go well.” However, the downfall of possessing too many trines is that we sometimes lean on them to avoid dealing with the harsher aspects of life.