Mercury in Libra

1475163An individual with Mercury in Libra understands life through weighing and comparing the opinions and ideas of others. Thinking and comparison provide the means of acquiring an objective, fair and balanced point of view. Mercury here learns best through the inspiration of discussion and debate, and they like to talk with friends and loved ones in a peaceful environment.

This individual is a good communicator and they like to put others at their ease. Mercury in Libra’s listening skills are exceptionally good, and they love to hear what people have to say and have the gift of reflecting back the opinions and ideas of others. There is a graceful and pleasant way of communicating ideas and a high degree of tact which can make this person very persuasive in a debate.

Mercury in Libra has the skill of thinking in symmetry and are good at bridging ideas. The person may be good at the administration side of beauty or understanding mathematics, architecture or learning music. This placement can be a useful one for a counselor, lawyer, and mediator, and they are capable of working with both sides in a dispute to help them to reach an agreement. This position is also useful for those involved in public relations, diplomatic fields and any area of life where a sound judgment needs to be made.

The person hates unpleasant discussions, and they dislike arguments between people. However, they do have the ability to hear all sides of the story before passing a judgment. Disputes tend to upset their equilibrium, even if they do manage to find a good solution for all. Mercury in Libra is a strategic thinker, and they have an elegant and effective use of language. Even if they are criticizing a person, it never sounds insulting and they always look at all sides.

On the negative front, they can be hesitant to make a decision, and a fear of conflict can lead to over-accommodation to other’s opinions. Sometimes they can over-theorize a situation and not put it into the context of reality; they can be accused of being an unrealistic thinker. The idea usually sounds ‘nice’ but how would it work if it is put into action. Many times they find themselves sitting on the fence and unable to make a quick decision, or have difficulty sticking with the ones they do make, and so they tend to seek the counsel of friends.

Mercury in Libra is socially aware, and they think along the lines of balance, justice, and weigh the strengths and weaknesses in a matter and make judgments based on facts and not feelings. Sometimes they tend to talk a lot about relationships while their thoughts and opinions can be strongly influenced by the partner. Good communication in relationships is essential to them, but they are not always honest about what they really think if it will cause a disagreement. However, their strong sense of justice tends to balance this out and they seek to find the fairest solution. When their mind is divided they take a long time to choose an option, it can irritate and anger others. Sometimes the person would rather advise others on the best course of action to take.