Pluto in the 9th House

2413704An individual with Pluto in the 9th house may go through a philosophical overhaul and dramatic crisis in life that comes as a result of a belief system. This placement suggests a fascination with alchemy, archaeology, pre-history, magic, or the occult. It is also an excellent placement for anyone involved in psychology, research and things of an investigative nature. Since this house rules a higher power, the image of God is often characterized by a deep, personal experience of transformation. The individual also holds the idea that knowledge is power. Those with Pluto here are often keen on studying, and there is a feeling that one must root out this greater knowledge for themselves. Pluto will tear everything apart until it finds the hidden meaning. Higher education may have a profound impact on the individual for one reason or another, and they could dramatically switch courses. Insatiable to find answers to some of life’s bigger questions this person has a need to understand the laws and patterns which govern life. Pluto in the 9th house desperately needs to find some meaning in their life, it’s as if their very survival depends on understanding the world at large.

Much will depend upon the nature of the ideology adopted, and at the extreme level they may be a religious fanatic, or a revolutionary attempting to force their worldview on others. Similarly, they may also feel persecuted for what they believe, and philosophies are torn down and restructured. Some feel betrayed by the belief system they have followed, and the collapse and deep loss of faith can be overwhelming. The way the individual views and perceives life will undergo major adjustments, they might even have to face some form of prejudice – either from groups or mainstream society.

You could become obsessed with the need to evolve or be driven by a compulsion to fathom the deeper laws which govern existence. There could be a total or all-consuming commitment to your beliefs or spiritual path. Nothing else will matter as much. Dynamics of the Unconscious

There is an intense struggle for the deeper truths of life, and traveling to places may involve some kind of trauma, crisis or death. Moreover, the individual may feel dramatically transformed while traveling and experiencing different cultures. Pluto’s position in the 9th house brings feelings of rootlessness so that the view of life or religion has to be looked for elsewhere. The search for a new vision may become obsessive, and for some, there is a deep dislike of hypocrisy. The higher mind goes through periodic purges and at certain points in their life the individual may follow a course of study, religion or philosophy with a powerful sense of conviction.

Pluto in the 9th house wants to discover the meaning of the universe, and they can be adept at understanding the deeper aspects of education, teaching, and traveling. The 9th house is also related to the higher courts, so any legal battles are long, drawn out and painful affairs. With this kind of energy in the chart, there will be times in their life of passionate crusading, especially about something deemed noble and important. The individual can be instrumental in bringing about change in areas of higher learning, religion, or other studies, and radically alter their own perspective in the process.