Astrology Musings

When it comes to learning astrology, everything we think we know about reality, completely changes. Science has already closed the book on astrology, and this is because the study of this celestial art links the individual with the cosmos and nobody really knows how astrology works. Science does not know everything there is to know about the universe and its influence.  It was once thought that the earth was flat so perceptions about the world and the truth change all the time.

“We have a theory, or rather a model, for the origin of the Universe, the Big Bang, but we don’t really understand what banged, or what lit the touch paper. We do not know what came before the start of the universe, or even asking whether this question makes any sense. We may well be underestimating the scale of things by dozens more orders of magnitude. Again, when you consider that physics now takes seriously the idea of the multiverse: a vast, indeed infinite, ensemble of cosmoses that may be required to solve one of the greatest riddles -why our universe seems so finely tuned to allow for our existence. It could be what we see in the night sky, all that cosmic glory, the whirlpool of intergalactic space, is just a pimple on the backside of something infinitely grander. The true nature of reality is as elusive as ever. 10 Questions Can’t Answer Yet

The horoscope is in every sense the world-for-me and involves a unity of signs, planets and houses that are all individually woven. Jung believed that the personality as represented by our natal chart was not static and immutable but continued to evolve over the course of one’s life. Astrology can reveal our inner depths and also unveils what human beings have in common linking us together like cosmic chains to one another.


“It has to do with the deep inner problems, inner mysteries, inner thresholds of passage, and if you don’t know what the guide signs are along the way, you have to work it out for yourself.  But once the subject catches you, there is such a feeling, of these traditions of information of a deep, rich, life-vivifying sort that you don’t want to give up.”

One of my favourite expressions comes from Astrology 101: A Journey Through the Signs, Planets and Houses of the Horoscope:

“When I look at the night sky, I feel like I am looking at the face of the creator. And then to be actually able to use these planets and stars, it’s basically an external objective validation of my inner experience.”

Astrology uses the adage ‘As above, So below,’ reflecting a relationship between two worlds and their constant alternating change. According to Osho, in the East it is said the universe is like a spider’s web. If you touch a single thread of the spider’s web, the whole web will feel the vibration.