Scorpio: Life is a Battlefield

You can’t hide the fact that you’re a Scorpio; you have a burning zeal for vengeance, especially against those who have wronged you. A well-deserved sting in the tail. As much as this may be fair, and as much as you are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to fighting for the underdogs in our society, it is better to win the battle with oneself than to win a thousand battles on the battlefield. All your life, you’ll be fighting an uphill battle against your own deepest impulses, compulsions, and deepest attractions. You are one of the zodiac’s most powerful signs, but you still have some weaknesses of will, as evidenced by the fact that you are driven by intense emotions of desiring something, someone, or longing for something to happen. For sure, there are both negative and positive examples of every sign; you may be the snake type that’s cloaked in malice, or you could be the very healing and changing serpent that’s armed with piercing insights like no one else. Most of the time, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

The negative sign of Mars, and that of FIXED WATER. So there is an intense emotional nature. No sign has more profound and enduring feelings, for owing to the fixity of Scorpio these become set, with the result that in high types there is unwavering devotion to principles, deep sympathy, and true understanding, while in primitives in whom the moral standard is low or uncertain, a host of dangerous feelings may appear – bitter dislikes or hatreds, often cherished for a lifetime, extreme sensitiveness to imagined slights or injustice, resentment, suspicion, and furious anger. Scorpios of this kind are very prone to think themselves under-valued, and to relieve their feelings on this score in the shape of constant boasting. There may be treachery, cruelty, and revengefulness. Sometimes these worse traits appear in childhood, but die out with good training. There are nearly always strong affections, and great care should be taken in training a Scorpio child that these are not ruined either by over-indulgence on the one hand, or harshness on the other. The physical endurance is great, but the emotional nature needs careful treatment. The sign is extremely thorough-going, and few flabby characters are born under it. There is usually great courage, and also energy and capacity for toil in the pursuit of any aim which claims the native’s devotion. As a result many heroes have been born under the sign, as well as many notable villains. They do nothing by halves, and, having once selected their course in life, pursue it relentlessly. In primitives there may be reckless self-indulgence and in evolved ones intense devotion. The powerful feelings constantly tempt the native and few Scorpios pass through life without having run the full gamut of temptation on the physical plane. Self-control and self-denial are the chief virtues that they need to develop. The better types are noticeably dignified and endowed with self-respect and proper pride; they are often grave and restrained in their speech and demeanor, and do not readily unbend. It is a sign that frequently gives an inclination towards some great form of mysticism or occultism. There is a natural tendency towards what is secret and hidden, and a love of probing mysteries and getting at the bottom of things. Principles of Astrology

If you were born under the sign of the Scorpion, you will be able to see deeper into the meaning of life, uncover hidden meanings, and decipher mysteries. Learning the motivations of others is the most satisfying aspect of psychology since it provides you the ability to judge whether it’s best to stick it out, fold your cards, or cut your losses. You have an incredible capacity for knowing what’s going on. You have the ability to delve deeply because your zodiac sign is the master of what’s hidden. Nothing happens in a vacuum, and even things that look like they began because of a random outside event are really the result of years of change below the surface. What really piques your interest about other people, though, is hearing the stuff they normally keep to themselves. What this is about is developing a more nuanced understanding of other people and learning to read their subtle cues. By deducing people’s true motives, you lend depth, significance, and relevance to the world around you. Your proficiency in the study of the human mind is your SUPERPOWER.

You will spend the rest of your life trying to make sense of the myriad puzzles, paradoxes, and contradictions that characterise mysteries, or more precisely, the plot twists of human life. You have a reputation for being someone who keeps to themselves and who also has access to other people’s private information. However, while your Scorpionic mystery is undeniably alluring, others need to be wary of your tendency to strike out at inopportune times. Let’s just say that your innermost feelings are frequently coiled, spun, and wrapped up in the fabric of your being, and are only seldom shown. You have an uncanny knack for seeing straight through others and touching the core of their emotions, which can make even the most platonic of relationships tense. The ability to read people is your gift, and you can use it for good or evil. So, if your horoscope gives you a lot of power, you should figure out how to use it wisely.

It is as if God’s question to you was not, “Can you be deep?” That one was already answered and the answer was yes. God’s question was, “Now that we’ve made you this deep, can you handle it, can you cope with it, can you find a way to live gracefully with material that scares the pants off most of the human population?” Stephen Forrest’s SUN SIGNS