Sun in Sagittarius: Children of the Stars


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We enter Sagittarius riding horses. Anyone related to this zodiacal region, gallops through life, and is sometimes referred to as wildfire, or, at least, the largest flame, moreover, any individual born under this sign possesses a strong and fiery vision. The process of the solar part of the personality reflects all the things in life we long to fulfill, revealing the core of our being, and is the centralizing part of the personality. When this brilliant orb (Sun) is placed in the final fire sign on the astrological wheel, there is a strong impulse for movement and the seeking of a life-long quest. Ruled by Jupiter, the planet which is typified by its expansiveness and largesse, many Sagittarian natives are traditionally positive, and when darkness falls across their path or some kind of crisis confronts their being, the individual will magically find a new direction to take. The cosmos will faithfully reveal its sense of meaning and every Saggy will take a journey to the brightest star. All fire signs light up our existence and provide the sparks of inspiration taking us out of the twilight and into the illuminating. Such blazing energy, bumps up against the earthy limits of materialism, realizing it fails to offer something essential, a purpose in life.

A Sagittarius can be wise and understanding, lively, playful and treat life adventurously. Furthermore, existing alongside all of this is a profound need to discover the world’s wonders by traveling mentally, physically and spiritually on their cosmic freeway – literal or symbolic. It is symbolic of a spirit moving towards the highest pursuit and on the hunt for knowledge, hoping for a better understanding of life and to fully realize the powers of the universe. Such an individual asks those eternal questions: Who am I? From where have I come, and where am I going? Within every Sagittarian, there is always a sense of ‘going places’ and it represents the inner confidence of knowing something is right and hoping to find a solution. This constellation views the world as full of peaks and valleys and divine distractions, celebrating – life itself. Additionally, the urge to EXPAND embarks them on some kind of adventure and the road opens up the way ahead.

Jupiter is the largest of the planets of the solar system, and with its orbiting moons, is a solar system in miniature, and is something of a tourists sight if one were to travel celestially. Stars are not evenly scattered throughout space but accumulate in masses called galaxies, each containing billions of stars. When we observe the night sky, there is a gathering of stars along a thin band encircling the heavens known as the Milky Way. The Milky Way is our galaxy within which our solar system lies. Now, what is really enthralling is that along this starry pathway the cluster of starry lights is so great that their light appears to merge into a nebulous band, pictured in mythology as the pathway to the home of the supreme god, Zeus. It is referred to as “Zeus’s highway”. It is also believed that everything in our experience had a cosmic origin, and human beings are forged from the centers of stars. Antiquated mythologies relating humans to the starry heavens thus contained an appearance of truthfulness – we are indeed “children of the stars,” the “descendants of Zeus.”